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Bipa Perfumes

About the project

Bipa is an Austrian company operating more than 600 stores, making it one of the largest drugstores in Austria. A special website was needed to boost perfume sales in Croatian brick-and-mortar stores, thus the Bipa Perfumes website was born. We did all the design and coding, while collaborating with their brand agency. As a result of interconnected design of products and blog posts, as well as more marketing opportunities, Bipa’s perfumes sales were boosted by 15%.

Perfume bottle icon

600+ products on display

Monthly visitors icon

37 000+ monthly visitors

Mobile device icon

Over 80% visits made via mobile

bipa perfumes hero unit

The challenge

Our job was to create a modular and highly customizable eCommerce platform devoted to perfumes. It was designed using a mobile-first approach and special attention was paid to create a seamless and consistent experience across any device.

Bipa Perfumes mobile screens

Product archive filtering

Classic filtering & sorting options are boosted with an additional filter for new products, bestsellers, and products on sale. It is also optimized for mobile devices.

Bipa Perfumes desktop screens

Design style

BIPA Perfumes was meticulously crafted to ignite inspiration, captivate and enlighten those with a profound interest in the realm of fragrances. Its stylistic aspirations are to demonstrate elegance, radiate femininity, inspire and add a touch of luxury.

Bipa Perfumes icons
Bipa Perfumes product hover
Bipa Perfumes colors

Ana Pia Matijaš

Senior Marketing Specialist

“Neuralab was able to execute the project on a tight schedule, and there were no delays on their side.”

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