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For over a decade, we’ve been playing detective with challenges in every industry imaginable. Got a question you think could baffle us? Bring it on – our thinking caps are on!

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New York (NY, USA)

Zagreb (Croatia, EU)

  • NEURALAB d.o.o.
  • Fojnička 6, 10 000 Zagreb (HQ)
  • Google Maps
  • OIB: 63401934653
  • Bank Acc: 2484008 – 1105295287
  • IBAN: HR2624840081105295287
  • Capital of 70.000,00 HRK fully deposited at Raiffeisenbank (Zagreb) – RBA.
  • Registered at Zagreb commercial court/MBS: 080714456 / Tt-09/13355-2
  • Official representative/Director: Krešimir Končić

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