Tour de force

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The arts & crafts brigade

We’re a team of designers, developers and content makers building web applications on top of open source technologies. Our crew is closely packed and focused on quality (that means zero outsourcing).

We’re all about the open web

Whether it’s a web portal, eCommerce project or a slick web interface, we’ll always provide you with an award-winning design, future-proofed technology and 24/7 support.

Users. Front and center

Accessible content, mobile readiness and blazing fast web interactions are a must for our team. But not because of legal memos, but because of your end users.

Remote. Underwear optional

Distributed and remote with minimal meetings. We like to write, design and code asynchronously (think first, write second) and yes – phone calls are reserved only for our moms.

Web & Open Source

Open online standards and web applications are Neuralab’s bread & butter. And we like our butter spread thick.

P.S. Better halfs think we’re great

But don’t take our word for any of this. Adorio and Clutch are compiling high marks or reviews about our team production quality.

Layer 0 Ana

Ana Vitlov

Product Manager
Layer 10 Antonio

Antonio Fržić

Web Developer
Layer 12 Blagica

Blagica Angelovski

Product Manager
Layer 1 Bruno

Bruno Zagorščak

Chief Content
Layer 5 Damir

Damir Babojelić

Web Developer
Layer 17 Davor

Davor Novoselac

Web Developer
Layer 8 Emanuele

Emanuele Lizzi

Chief Design
Layer 7 Brko

Ivan Brkić

Senior Web Developer
Layer 3 Petak

Ivan Petak

Senior Developer (Mentor)
Layer 4 Kreso

Krešimir Končić

Layer 13 Monika

Monika Žoljom Šore

Product Manager
Layer 11 Martina

Martina Babić

Senior Designer
Layer 18 Patricia

Patricija Benčić (with an obligatory dogo pic)

Web Developer
Layer 14 Slobodan

Slobodan Alavanja

Chief Development
Layer 2 Vedran

Vedran Hanževački

Senior Designer