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Deeds, not words!

We specialize in design & development of web projects, especially the ones that are too complex for napkin doodles. Whether it’s eCommerce, web apps, intranets, or portals, we’re your team – and we’ll guide you through every nook and cranny of the project.

eCommerce / WooCommerce

Open Source Champions in 2023 (awarded by WooCommerce)

Guiding you through the whole process of building an online store – you know, the one that is open 24/7 and doesn't take vacations.

Platinum WooExpert

Tailor-made web / WordPress

WordPress VIP Partner

All types of web experiences, custom built form the ground up. Bigger logo included.

WordPress VIP Partner

Custom development and UX / UI

eCommerce Top 10 World Leader in 2021 (awarded by Clutch)

Our designers and engineers will roll up their sleeves (when of-the-shelf solutions don't cut it anymore).


Omnichannel for eCommerce

Infobip and Mailchimp official partner

Consulting and building Infobip or Mailchimp omni-channel solutions for your eCommerce applications. With a little pinch of exquisite copywriting.

Mailchimp Partner

Several phases of building your project

From sketches to finished product, we produce in-house pixels and code without outsourcing. Keeping in mind the latest trends in technology and clients business goals, our integrated team of designers and engineers make sure that every part of web applications is perfectly executed.

Phase 1

Layout & concepts

After outlining the general idea, our product manager gathers the whole team to go over the glory details (technical, legal, commercial and design related). We generally have 2 initial-phase meetings during which we conceptualize the overall digital landscape and integration of the app.

G Suite
Phase 2

Design & copywriting

Throughout this creative step our designers and copywriters work together with your team to produce visuals, copy and product’s general flow. It is a 2 to 8 week long process that requires regular feedback, based on your project complexity.

Adobe CC
Phase 6

Improve, Kanban-style

The final phase in this cycle is also the first phase in the next one. We always implement gained knowledge from previous projects into new ones.

Phase 3


After we complete the second phase, our developers make sure that the app is perfectly programmed and our servers are up & running for the best User eXperience. This process usually takes twice as long as the design one.

WordPress VIP
Phase 5


When the project is finished, we gather all the data, comments, feedback and interactions. Based on them, we establish conclusions and work on new versions of the product.

Phase 4

Testing & monitoring

This is where the real life management kicks in. From the moment the app goes live, we monitor its life-cycle through relevant tools in real time, such as: Google Analytics, Trello (for interaction feedback monitoring) and Uptime Robot (for servers monitoring).

Browser Stack
Google Analytics
SEM Rush
Uptime Robot