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Dream Yacht Charter

About the project

Life is short. This is why the average vacationer is looking for their vacation to be special and hassle-free. Dream Yacht Charter makes nautical tourism worldwide easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. 20+ people from 8 agencies joined forces and invested over 4000 working hours into building an intuitive eCommerce website enabling its users to book online with zero complications. Translated, this means that they’ll find the best price, gain knowledge of destinations and get inspiration for their next adventure!

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Team work of 20+ people

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Mutually interlocking content

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Integration with multiple external APIs

Dream Yacht Charter hero unit

User agnostic

No matter if you are Captain Ahab himself or a person who’s never set foot on a boat, Dream Yacht Charter, is tailored to suit any and all personas on their quest for a bucket list marine trip.

Dream Yacht Charter types of users

Easily accessible search for experienced sailors

An experienced sailor is comfortable sailing upwind and immediately wants to dive into fleet availability and prices. They want to search the fleet based on their key drivers: price, boat specifications, destination and dates.

Dream Yacht Charter search

Tons of information for unskilled sailors

Ahoy, unskilled sailors!

Those who are new to the world of sailing might use a bit of a helping hand. Maybe some guidance towards a solution they understand and feel confident to book online? They need their sailing experience to be inspirational and fulfilling.

It’s of utmost importance for them to understand all the options for vacation types (how it works, what it costs etc.) and be able to search destinations by dates/prices and find the best deal. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if you book with Dream Yacht Charter you might just stumble upon a treasure island.

The world of sea-based tourism is not the simplest world out there, which is why customers need to be able to easily understand it so they can make a vacation decision suiting their needs.

Dream Yacht Charter destinations

Whether you’re an ascetic looking for a bareboat charter or want an expert crew to take care of every detail, stern to bow, Dream Yacht Charter and their fleet of almost a thousand yachts have got you covered!

Dream Yacht Charter mobile screens

Booking the vacation of your dreams

Simplicity is key, so we made the booking process so easy even a time-traveling Captain Hook, although completely unfamiliar with today’s technology, could book a boat first try!

Dream Yacht Charter booking screens

Comprehensive selection of icons

Aesthetics are no joke! This is why a set of 100+ custom icons was designed to better reflect vacay vibes, but also lead users to a certain destination or charter type. Neat!

Dream Yacht Charter custom icons

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