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Lens Curator s03e07

The 7th edition of the third season of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. This month we take a look at making your frames dirty, night photography secrets, enhancing your videos, focusing on gimbal and how to shoot product shots.

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Dirty your frame!

No, don’t smear filth on your lens! Dirtying your frame is an effective method of pushing more dynamics and depth into your shots. It revolves around adding objects in the foreground of your video. You can also use it in your POV shots so you can enhance the creep factor. PremiumBeat shows us how to avoid a ‘too clean’ look on your projects.

Secrets of night photography

If you ask yourself how you can get the best photos of the stars or long exposures this video is for you. Pierre T. Lambert compiled 7 tips for you to crush your night photography. In short – Get away from the city / Take your first photo with the highest ISO and lowest aperture possible / Focus on infinity / Find a subject to shoot / To avoid blurry stars, avoid exposing for too long / Reduce screen brightness / Edit your images. For more info click on the video below.

4 Unique Ways To Enhance Your Video While Editing

While editing, there are numerous ways to embellish your video. SonduckFilm shows us 4 simple methods for achieving this – depth of field, film grain, lens flares and camera shake. While the first three are relevant, I would say that the Wiggle effect in After Effects has numerous alternatives that are way better. If you browse the Internet you’ll see a lot of presets for realistic camera shake.

How to Focus While Using A Gimbal?

You have a gimbal but your camera is not equipped with the auto-focus option? Follow focus setup is too expensive for you? Fear not! You can still achieve great results and crisp images with just a little thinking ahead. Check out these cool tips from YCImaging.

How To Shoot Product Shots

Product shots are among the most creative projects in visual production. It involves taking pictures and capturing videos of different products, usually for corporate clients or small businesses. ShutterstockTutorials did a great tutorial on three different and cheap setups for three entirely different products

Bruno Zagorščak
Bruno Zagorščak Neuralab Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

A Boletus aficionado who loves to get lost in the woods. He's still holding dearly to his OG Canon 5DmII while claiming that the play button is the apex call-to-action button on the web.

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