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About the project

Biotium is a California-based biotech firm which made a name in the life science realm, especially with its range of reagents, primary antibodies, and cell stains. Stepping up its game, Biotium partnered with Neuralab to craft an eCommerce platform, simplifying the hunt for scientific products online. This digital venture, designed with a keen eye for customer experience, tackled scientific complexity to offer a seamless shopping arena for specialized products. The result? A notable 65% sales boost within the first 90 days post-launch, showcasing that when a good product meets stellar online experience, success is inevitable.


1000+ products on display

Simple ordering icon

Smooth purchase of scientific products

otrusa search

30+ advanced search filters

The challenges

The challenges posed by the scientific lexicon and a plethora of highly specialized products were met with a meticulously crafted web shop. Every aspect of this digital marketplace was forged with keen attention to detail – from design styles and elements, fonts, and color coding, right down to special page features. The aim was clear: to simplify and invigorate the shopping experience amidst a sea of scientific offerings. The coup de maître? An icon system, implemented to elevate the visibility of product categories or groups, thus accelerating product browsing and content absorption, making the quest for scientific products not just simpler, but downright intuitive.

biotium mobile screens


The Hero unit was revitalized with a keen focus on spotlighting featured products and streamlining the product browsing journey. Amidst this digital revamp, a trove of textual content found its harmonious place alongside the ordering form and a curated selection of similar items from the same category. This rejuvenation didn’t just breathe a new aesthetic life into the page, but also catapulted page views by a whopping 73%, with unique page views soaring appreciably.

biotium catalog

Advanced search

The advanced search functionality is a powerhouse, engineered to swiftly guide customers through a realm of over 1000 products. With a toolkit of more than 30 refined filters and categories, along with an impressive roster of 100 search options, finding the perfect scientific product is less of a hunt and more of a guided journey. Whether it’s alphabetically, by product category, or the allure of new arrivals, the route to the right product is paved with intuitive choices. And to crown each selection, every product comes with essential information ensuring a match made in scientific retail heaven.

biotium products
biotium desktop screens

Products page

With a plethora of products, the shopping experience can potentially be lengthy and challenging. The design of the products page comes to the rescue, enabling customers to effortlessly alter the quantity and type of a product during the ordering process. Each product order is neatly bundled with basic information about its group, ensuring the right choice is made, simplifying the path from browsing to purchasing.

Branding UI

In the quest to create a brand identity for a vast spectrum of visually abstract products, the first stride was taken in the realm of color. A thoughtful color coding system was devised, categorizing products and mirroring this chromatic scheme in the page design, thus laying down the first stone of a coherent visual narrative. As we tread further into the text-laden trails of scientific language, the choice of fonts emerged as crucial.

Opting for simplicity, fonts were meticulously chosen not just for ease of content consumption, but to resonate with the brand’s character and style, acting as silent ambassadors of the brand ethos.

biotium ui

Now, with a palette of colors and a suite of fonts in place, the path was paved for icons – those little heralds of visual communication.

A bespoke set of icons was crafted, each a visual diplomat leading users through the diverse product landscape with ease, embodying the products and categories they represented. Together, colors, fonts, and icons wove the fabric of a brand identity, each thread tailored to encapsulate and navigate the complex yet fascinating world of scientific retail.

biotium colors
biotium icons

Victor Bilandzic

Senior partner, Motava

“Everything they’ve done has been positive. I have no complaints.”

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