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Discover Croatia

About the project

This project represents more than just a creative endeavor – it’s a strategic fusion of branding, UI/UX, and web design expertise, all converging to chart a new digital course for Discover Croatia. Our goal? To craft an online portal that not only showcases the rich diversity of Croatia but also resonates with the discerning digital traveler. Melding cutting-edge design with a focus on user experience, we’ve transformed the standard travel agency model, offering a virtual journey through Croatia’s scenic landscapes and cultural treasures.

seasonless vacation

Seasonless vacation with a Croatian heartbeat

interactive map

Interactive maps locating your paramount holiday experience

curated carousel

Curated carousel for a wide range of offerings

discover croatia featured image

Croatia unveiled: beyond the beaten path

In the ‘explore’ phase of the Discover Croatia project, our focus was on unveiling the heart of Croatia’s allure. We meticulously mapped out the diverse Croatian landscape, from sun-kissed Adriatic coast to the rustic charm of its countryside. The website became a portal, inviting users to traverse through an array of destinations, each narrated with rich visuals and engaging content.

This phase was crucial in weaving the narrative of Croatia, not just as a destination but as an experience, offering users a virtual taste of Croatia’s festivals, culinary delights, and hidden gems. It allows users to not only discover but connect with the essence of Croatia – all through a few clicks and scrolls.

explore croatia

Adaptive adventure: crafting a responsive Croatian experience

In the realm of Discover Croatia, responsiveness wasn’t just a feature – it was a cornerstone of the digital experience. With tourists increasingly relying on a multitude of devices, from smartphones to tablets, ensuring that every aspect of Croatia’s charm was accessible across all screens was paramount. This project demanded a design that adapts seamlessly, allowing users to dive into Croatia’s cultural and natural wonders whether they’re planning on a desktop at home or browsing on a mobile device on-the-go.

Responsive design thus became key in providing a consistent, engaging, and hassle-free journey for every potential traveler, making Discover Croatia not just a website, but a reliable companion in the journey of discovering Croatia’s treasures.

discover mobile screens

Croatian compass: customize your journey

The ‘discover’ feature of Discover Croatia hinges on two key elements: smart filters and interactive maps. Our aim was to guide users to the perfect Croatian experience tailored to their interests and desires. Smart filters use sophisticated algorithms to sort through a wealth of data, allowing users to pinpoint destinations and activities that align with their preferences.

Meanwhile, the interactive maps serve as a dynamic guide, visually representing regions and attractions, and enabling users to explore Croatia’s regions with ease. This technical synergy ensures that each user’s journey through the website is as enriching and unique as their real journey through Croatia.

Crafting the brand essence

The core concept of Discover Croatia’s visual identity is centered around creating a subtle distinction between the known and the unknown, the visible and the invisible, the discovered and the yet-to-be-discovered.

The logo was crafted to be a symbol of Croatia’s vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, encapsulating its essence in a simple yet evocative design.

The visual identity extended to color coding the regions, each pastel hue carefully selected to reflect the unique atmosphere and characteristics of different areas. This strategic use of color not only enhanced the visual appeal of the website but also aided in navigation, making it easy for users to associate regions with specific experiences and landscapes.

The result was a cohesive, visually stunning brand identity that resonated with both locals and tourists, truly representing the diverse beauty of Croatia.

discover business card
discovery branding1

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