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SSAB Hardox Wearparts Tuscaloosa

About the project

Hardox Wearparts Tuscaloosa, a trailblazer in new tech at SSAB, noticed their sales were hitting a snag without a company website. Eager to fix this, we rolled up our sleeves to create an awesome eCommerce platform for custom wearparts. The setup? A cool, user-friendly site powered by WooCommerce, decked out with Square Payments and clever custom plugins for tailoring products, plus all the tax and shipping calculators you need. The result? A top-notch, fully functional platform that positions SSAB Hardox Wearparts Tuscaloosa as an eCommerce leader in the steel manufacturing industry, delivering a seriously impressive UX.


A legacy spanning over a century

fossil free steel

Pioneering fossil-free steel

steel products bazzar

Steel products eComm bazaar

Part of SSAB, a highly specialized global steel company

SSAB, a Nordic and US-based steel powerhouse, dominates the global market with its innovative high-strength steel solutions. As the leading producer of heavy plates in North America, SSAB is renowned for its expertise in advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) and quenched & tempered steels (Q&T), catering to critical sectors like energy and heavy transport.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, the company is on a mission to revolutionize the industry by offering fossil-free steel and significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

SSAB’s global presence, spanning over 50 countries, underscores its vast reach and influence. By consistently pushing the boundaries of steel production and services, SSAB is not just a steel manufacturer; it’s a visionary leader driving toward a stronger, lighter, and more sustainable future.

ssab materials 3x

Main features

  1. Custom product design
    Crafting a unique product is just a few clicks away. Dive into a user-friendly interface where filling out a few key fields unleashes the power of real-time, custom design, and price computation. It’s digital customization at your fingertips!
  2. B2B digital integration
    Hardox seamlessly navigates the wear and tear challenges across industries. With a sophisticated search function, users can effortlessly sift through options by production type or equipment, making industry-specific solutions easily accessible and highly efficient.
  3. Dynamic pricing algorithms
    Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the WooCommerce Role-Based Pricing plugin, Hardox sets a new standard in personalized pricing. This smart system intuitively adjusts product prices based on user roles and individual customer profiles, offering a tailored eCommerce experience that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.
ssab desktop screens

Product configurator

A cutting-edge feature where initial ideas transform into concrete orders with just a few details needed.

As a user, you can provide the configurator with some basic dimensions, and the system instantly calculates a price. Place your order in a snap, without worrying about the specifics right away. It fine-tunes everything to match your exact measurements. Product configurator is a blend of speed and flexibility, ensuring you get a quick start while leaving room for precision adjustments down the line.

This is smart eCommerce – where initial estimates evolve seamlessly into perfect-fit solutions.

ssab product configurator

Archive pages

Hardox Wearparts elevates user interaction with its advanced, tech-driven content archives. These archives are a powerhouse of categorization, offering quick, algorithm-driven access to a diverse array of resources. From intricate product blueprints and technical wearparts data to tailored case studies and sector-specific insights, the archives are engineered for precision browsing. Leveraging smart filters and a user-centric design, these digital repositories empower customers and industry experts to navigate through complex steel product information with ease.

ssab cases industries

Responsive design

The Hardox Wearparts website is a testament to responsive design excellence, seamlessly adapting to the diverse screens of the digital age. Whether you’re on a desktop behemoth or the sleekest smartphone, the site morphs fluidly, ensuring that every pixel and interface element is where it should be.

This isn’t just about looking good: it’s about providing an uninterrupted, device-agnostic experience. Dive into high-strength steel solutions on any device, and you’re greeted with crisp visuals, swift load times, and interactive elements that respond to your touch or click with intuitive precision.


Simon Lizotte-Latendresse

Project Engineer

“Once the project was launched, it was clear that the platform was fully-functional and positioned the company as a leader in the market. The team was successful in introducing many new features while keeping the platform easy to use for both the company and its clients.”

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