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Filming in Croatia

About the project

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre is a government-backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector of Croatia. A website was needed to promote Croatia as an international filming destination with a variety of geographical and cultural filming locations combined with a mixture of different climates, high quality local service providers and a top-notch audiovisual portfolio. Quite demanding, we know.

Filming locations icon

370+ filming locations

Filmed projects icon

150+ projects filmed in Croatia

Industry directory icon

Directory of production and service companies

3 challenges, 1 solution

There were some challenges to overcome:

  1. Featuring locations in a coherent manner
  2. Content accessibility
  3. Brand recognition

But all of this was no match for our design & dev team as they really delivered! The deliverable? A custom WordPress website!

Filming in Croatia desktop screens

Featuring locations

The locations were grouped into five clusters, which were then grouped into 12 categories, pointing out the astounding diversity of filming locations. We also featured some educational content about the locations and let’s not forget the interactive map.

Filming in Croatia project card

Content accessibility

To make exploring Croatian locations easier for the ever-busy producers and AV professionals, we implemented some simple, yet efficient filtering features. With the right combination of keywords and visuals, we demonstrated that Croatia can accommodate the most demanding visual requirements.

Filming in Croatia screens

As firm fans of yellow pages, we could do no other than include an Industry directory page of Croatian production and services companies available for work with international partners.

Filming in Croatia desktop screens

Brand recognition

Brand recognition? We kept it simple and used brand colors, which made the Filming in Croatia site visible and recognizable even from space. Facts.

Filming in Croatia brand recognition

We believe that the Filming in Croatia website successfully showcased Croatia as a world-class filming destination.

But hey, don’t take our word for it – words of gratification from directors and producers are highlighted right there on the homepage!

Filming in Croatia testimonial

Last but not least, for even more words of gratification, check out the testimonial from Tanja Ladović, a program coordinator at Croatian Audiovisual Centre. Not that we’re tooting our own horn, but it seems that the client was quite satisfied with the whole process and final product!

Tanja Ladović

Program Coordinator

“The website, which gives internal stakeholders something to show potential partners, has garnered highly positive feedback. Timely and communicative, Neuralab helped us understand and learn the process of creating the website. Their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking were noteworthy.”

Read full review on Clutch

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