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About the project

Syskit is a software development company focused on creating a state of the art platform for easy management and governance of Microsoft 365 environments.

Their mission to revolutionize Microsoft 365 management required a website that not only showcases Syskit’s innovative approach but also allowed them to connect with clients on a more personal level. Yet again, WordPress was the ideal choice for constructing a highly tailored and engaging online presence.

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Fully customizable layout

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40+ modular and reusable blocks

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Product pages with superior insight


  1. Build a website with a complex content that’s easy to navigate
  2. Enable the user to have full control over (almost) every aspect of the website
  3. Create highly adaptable reusable blocks
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User friendly navigation

Syskit’s intricate services necessitated a user-friendly website, and our design team rose to the challenge! The UX and UI were crafted to simplify navigation and minimize user confusion. Thoughtful layouts, clear information hierarchy, and intuitive features ensure a seamless user journey. Additionally, a cohesive design aesthetic and responsive interface enhanced the overall user experience.

Custom landing pages

Syskit pressed for full customisability. We made it possible for them to create stunning custom landing pages for their products in just a few clicks. This gave their team all the flexibility and control needed to captivate visitors.

syskit point


Every Syskit product that’s showcased on the website has a plethora of related product-specific subpages – not the easiest thing to pull off properly, but our experience made sure the task was executed to the point!

Building blocks

Did we mention an absolute adaptability yet? We took it to such an extent that nearly every repeatable block (and trust us, there are plenty of those) can be modified with a simple click.

Need a two-column image and text combo with a red background or a three-column text, image and video? Easy peasy – it’s all crafted from the same foundational block.

syskit blocs

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