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IUCN Save Our Species

About the project

IUCN Save Our Species supports science-based conservation actions that save animals and plants from extinction. We were tasked with building a website which will inform, collect and update IUCN SOS initiatives and engage new donation partners from both private and corporate sectors. A simple to the bone donation function allows partners to contribute quickly. Nobody has time to navigate complex websites, so in addition to simplifying the UX, we made sure that IUCN SOS content creators can easily and quickly edit content, add new pages, and input many new projects. As always, our beloved WordPress stepped up and made this process a walk in the safari park!

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300+ projects

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Interactive map

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User friendly donation system


The quest we embarked on was to develop a straightforward website that would:

  1. Showcase IUCN Save Our Species initiatives
  2. Engage new donation partners from private and corporate sectors
  3. Simplify the process of making donations
IUCN Save Our Species desktop screens

The domino effect

In applying the new brand identity and a self-explanatory metaphor of the domino effect, we built the animation for identifying threatened species and their impact on humans and ecosystems.

As one species vanishes, it drags along a whole chain of species that depend on it. Be it bees, tigers, or the platypus, these act as dominos falling one after the other, ultimately leading to the demise of mankind!

Projects and initiatives

In an engaging, skimmable, and easily understandable way, the impactful worldwide IUCN Save Our Species projects are collected in one place, browseable by Threats, Locations, Species, Conservation status, and Initiatives, and supplied with detailed information about the project objectives.

The IUCN Save Our Species’ initiatives are integrated into region-focused or species-focused actions and currently support over 300 projects from all over the world.

IUCN Save Our Species mobile screens

Donate in 3 steps

Helping save the world has never been easier, thanks to the user-friendly donation function allowing partners to contribute quickly. By putting the emphasis on the allocation of funds, we build trust in IUCN Save Our Species and educate visitors that even the smallest donation can make an impact.

IUCN Save Our Species donate


IUCN Save Our Species pulled out the big guns and partnered with Landor & Fitch to transform its brand identity. Their striking and engaging way won the bronze at The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and rightfully so!

IUCN Save Our Species animals

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