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LPC for Business

About the project

Learn Practice Communicate (LPC) is the first e-learning webshop in Croatia that offers more than a hundred different educational programs in the areas of the most sought-after skills in various professional domains. We were selected to develop a cutting-edge website with an integrated Learning Management System and we certainly rose to the occasion.


24/7 e-learning with both free & paid courses


Engaging and multilingual content – fit for any market


300+ courses and 1000+ quizzes

lpc hero unit


LPC for Business was born from a vision to uplift professionals, unite teams, and guide enterprises towards their utmost potential in both professional and personal spheres.

Our dedicated team has crafted a one-of-a-kind online learning solution, complete with a wealth of easily accessible educational programs. LPC’s clients have the option to pick educational courses for their employees, customizing them to fit specific timeframes, all while closely tracking their progress and development.

lpc desktop screens

Why LPC method?

The LPC methodology is a tried-and-true approach to teaching. Drawing from years of educational experience, LPC have distilled their approach into three fundamental steps: Learn, Practice, Communicate.

  1. Learn
    Acquire new knowledge in a structured and straightforward way
  2. Practice
    Reinforce newly acquired knowledge through interactive exercises and activities
  3. Communicate
    Validate learning outcomes and seamlessly integrate new insights into daily routines

Universal, yet personal

Upon logging in, users step into a tailor-made universe of knowledge, filled by a vast array of learning opportunities waiting to be explored.

lpc dashboard 1


Navigating through courses is a breeze, with smooth transitions between lessons, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive learning experience.

Challenge your freshly acquired insights with diverse quizzes, crafted to reinforce your understanding via hands-on application.

lpc course 2

Quizzes and tests

Interactive quizzes and tests incorporate a diverse range of questions, enriched with visual aids and audio elements, all seamlessly woven together to provide a comprehensive and engaging learning and assessment experience.

lpc ui elements


Our designers conceived a distinctive and striking brand identity for LPC. Through an emblem and design motifs that mirror LPC’s dedication to education and advancement, they’ve manifested a contemporary, agile, and polished visual persona.

lpc business cards letter
lpc planner 1
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Petra Čolak


“Neuralab is willing to tackle challenging projects. The team excels at implementing solutions that address client needs, which is evident in the impessive sales statistics of the award-winning platform. The team is also patient, flexible, and open to feedback.”

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