CATEGORY: Development

  • 12 powerfull steps to web development greatness – Joel Test Guide

    Published on 2016/10/19
    by KresimirKoncic
    If you want to assess strengths and weaknesses of your development team - look no further than Joel Test. It has been proven in the past and coders dig it for its down-to-earth approach. Our guide will help you to perfect those software development skills and in the end, build better digital products.

    Published on 2016/10/17
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    October edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about content ID, Virtual Reality, robot editors, table top lighting and new RED Epic camera...
  • Soap opera of GIF. The comprehensive story about Graphics Interchange Format which took over the Internet. PART 01 // HISTORY

    Published on 2016/10/13
    by Marina Mijatović
    Although GIF was created as a medium back in 1987, we just can’t shake the impression that it came to life in the past 5 years. During that period it became the primary medium of visual communication in the digital world. Even social media giants like Twitter and Facebook integrated this format in their feeds where it's already side by side with emojis and stickers. In this first article of GIF trilogy we bring you the background and history use.
  • Karma is a bitch!(?) New GoPro’s drone 8 day long stardom.

    Published on 2016/10/04
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    The long haul is over! GoPro finally revealed their first drone: Karma. And they did an awesome job. Small, foldable, good looking and carrying the new Hero5 camera with a cool price of 1099$, Karma was set to get back GoPro back in the game.
  • WooCommerce Email Templates Preview – a WordPress plugin

    Published on 2016/10/03
    by KresimirKoncic
    You probably seen it before... Team of developers working on WooCommerce implementation, crunching late-night hours with thousands of lines of code (and complicated talks with designers). They think about all of the complex payment systems and 3rd party integrations, only to forget about one simple little detail - EMAILS.
  • 13th WordPress Meetup in Zagreb – a photogallery

    Published on 2016/09/30
    by KresimirKoncic
    Gone are the warm summer days of binge-watching Netflix, catching beach sunburns and generally doing nothing 🙂 It’s time to learn some new skills, especially in our “coding area”. 13th WordPress meetup in Zagreb gave the opportunity to do just […]
  • How to add product variations in WooCommerce

    Published on 2016/09/23
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Product variations are a keystone of every online purchase! They give the power of choice and cost to the end-user but also they give power to shop owners to fully customize their product portfolio and buying experience. Variations are all around us so let’s take a look how to make the most of it on a Woocommerce platform.
  • Lens Curator S01E08

    Published on 2016/09/19
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    September edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about Canon 5DmarkIV, professional colorist workflow, pancake timelines inside of Premiere CC, how to turn IKEA table into product shoot booth, YouTube expanding its community features and basic filmmaker survival kit.
  • The best way to organize your MailChimp workflow – Segments!

    Published on 2016/09/15
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    It’s all about getting through to the right people! Segmentations inside of Mailchimp help you to organize your subscribers, and more important, target your content. Are they a best fit for you? Get started with this quick&dirty demo.
  • How to Spot a Conversion Centric Designer

    Published on 2016/09/08
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    The biggest nightmare of anyone working with a new web design company is that they’ll redesign their entire website, spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and the new website won’t be as effective as the old website. If you are upgrading to responsive design from a website without responsive, or if the old website is clearly outdated, then it might make obvious sense – but what about if you’re existing website has things you don’t like, but isn’t totally out-dated?
  • WordCamp Split 2016 #WCHR Quick Photogallery

    Published on 2016/09/06
    by KresimirKoncic
    We just got back from the second Croatian WordCamp held in beautiful city of Split. Needless to say that the sea, the sun and the beach only amplified the whole event experience... And great experience it was!
  • Business Hackhaton with Podravka & Microsoft

    Published on 2016/09/05
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Four big Croatian companies (Podravka, Microsoft Croatia, Maistra and Comping) decided to make an automated solution for hotels and restaurants so they can easily order food. The cool thing is they decided to do it in 48 hours via business hackathon.
  • 7 Killer eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

    Published on 2016/09/02
    by Ljupko Coric
    Big traffic is coming to your website, but you are struggling with sales? This article will show you 7 ways to increase your eCommerce conversion rate.
  • Welcome to our first dribbles!

    Published on 2016/08/25
    by KresimirKoncic
    Our new social venture is going into sketchy directions so we needed to open up our Dribble account
  • WooCommerce & Salesforce Integration plug-in for WordPress

    Published on 2016/08/20
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    WooCommerce and SalesForce are bound to be together. Both players made a significant market dent, each in their own cosmos - WooCommerce at 37% market share, and Salesforce, around 20% market share in the summer of 2016...

    Published on 2016/08/18
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    August edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about lighting a table scene, World’s First Widest Lens with f/2.8 Aperture, dissolve transitions, shorts as commericals, and creative slider tricks.
  • ‘Pepper’ Introduces Broken Link Checker In The WP Editor

    Published on 2016/08/17
    by Ljupko Coric
    Nothing too fancy in 4.6,  but overall it’s always nice to see WP is making ever so slight changes for their user base.
  • WordPress just got updated to version 4.6

    Published on 2016/08/17
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    New 4.6 version of WordPress called 'Pepper', in honor of jazz sax player Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, is available for download in your WP dashboard! It doesn't have any monumental new features, but rather a set of incremental changes.
  • ‘Stories’ are not about Instagram or Snapchat – they are about Facebook!

    Published on 2016/08/10
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Instagram stories is like Snapchat for adult users who don't want to spread themselves too thin in the social media space. Now those users have one more toy to play with and one more reason not to leave Instagram.
  • Opened position: interactive designer!

    Published on 2016/08/09
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Neuralab is looking for a new interactive designer! Our new team member should have an eye for aesthetics and a great interest in everything digital. Your role will be to ensure the design vision goes beyond the course of a project. You will be collaborating very closely with clients and developers. From prototyping to releasing supreme interaction designs.