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Modrić, parrot and a printer defying the robot uprising

The unlikely connection: How Modrić, parrots, and printers defy the robot uprising!

The flood of GPT-4 gurus and the Microsoft vs Google race creates the impression of a fresh revolution, but artificial intelligence has been hiding the same skeletons in the closet for decades now. We are also seeing many good ideas and solutions, but the collection of shady characters is probably more present. The only question is - who will be louder?

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Cash flow euro pipe + kreshomir

Cash flow is the real tabu, not developers’ salaries

Stepping back just a tad from an individual’s perspective, you’ll notice that your job and salary depend much more on the team’s collective assets than on personal negotiation prowess. And those assets hinge on the cash flow, which can easily be snagged by the first stone of indifference towards written proposals, specifications, and contracts. Here’s how we tackle this issue…