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Prince Aviation

About the project

Prince Aviation is an aerospace company whose primary business is in the areas of VIP passenger transport, aircraft maintenance, and pilot training. The old company website needed a rehash to better showcase that Prince indeed reigns the skies and is worthy of its royal title. And so it was done.


3 decades of experience


Landed on more than 300 airports


Not a single flight cancelled

Stormy clouds

The aim of the new website was to present a dynamic and growing company that’s been around for a while, but still thriving within one of the most technologically advanced industries. The end result reflects a collaborative effort, driven by our commitment to quality.


Client’s vision, our frames

Custom animations are the jet fuel of aerospace company websites, so obviously this had to be done right! Our designers and developers grinded and hustled 24/7 to make it happen and give the site a proper new look!

Scroll-worthy smarts

The quintessential VIP aerospace industry customer might want to know more about the plane they’ll be flying in. We made sure that all the relevant information is easily accessible in a user friendly format for both customers and our client. As always, WordPress made sure that entering all that information was a walk in the park flight in the sky.

Prince aviation plane facts

Ascend with panache, but investigate first

Immaculate interiors with luxury seating are the golden standard in private air travel, so it was important to make it possible for potential weary travelers to check out the planes beforehand. We took special care to make eye candy image galleries as user-friendly as possible!

Prince aviation luxury gallery

Swipe-ready layout

Mobile-first isn’t just a buzzword for us. Adaptability is key, so we designed Prince Aviation to shine on every device with a smooth experience, no matter the screen size.


A word or two to the wise – directly from the client:

Vladimir Jovanović

Executive Director

“Proactive approach, professionalism, and client-oriented mindset. After analyzing our requirements and desires, the Neuralab team approached us with ideas and solutions that only represented a further improvement. Their approach was remarkable, as they managed to implement their ideas into the heart of our requirements spot on.”

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