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Guest lecture at the International Graduate Business School Zagreb.

For the third consecutive year, we had the honor, privilege, pleasure, and more to be guest speakers at the International Graduate Business School Zagreb as part of the MBA program organized in collaboration with the Kelly School of Business, Indiana University.

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Our dear friend, Professor Hana Milanov, hosted us as part of the Entrepreneurship course at the International Graduate Business School Zagreb. We shared our experiences, knowledge, and skills about the challenges of entrepreneurship with the participants.

To reciprocate the trust given to us, we revealed to the students our little secrets, successes, and failures—everything that makes you stronger on the tumultuous path of running a company in this region. We shared our experience of surviving an economic crisis, how to balance personal and professional life, and where the limits lie.

Each year, this lecture provides us with an interesting introspection into our own journey. Aside from getting to know new successful business people, we socialize, acquire new knowledge, and these lectures also serve as a mini review of the past year. If only the day had a few extra hours, we would create an infographic too.

We would like to express our gratitude once again to the students, Professor Hana Milanov, and IGBS for the invitation, to which we will gladly respond again in the future.

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