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Le_Job – Solidity Ethereum Development

We’re is on the lookout for Solidity developers which will handle production of web3 applications by modern Ethereum and DevOps standards. These include Ethereum tokens payment processing, smart-contracts-eCommerce integration and several other DeFi related projects. You will also have a chance to actively participate in the crypto community by writing case studies, developing custom experiments or joining industry events (like conferences or meetups). Our production team is looking for Solidity Development colleagues that will work on our web3 projects.

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Neuralab’s niche is complex eCommerce web applications where we have the opportunity to try out all sorts of UX, UI and web tech approaches. Our team is the only WordPress VIP partner in the CEE region, alongside official partnerships with Mailchimp, Google, Kinsta and of course, WooCommerce. In short, we work on the biggest open web projects in the area.

And as for the job itself – we’re not here for the simple perks, we’re here for the bootstrapped revolution.



  • 7h per day. Monday – Friday.
  • Start your workday at 8, 9, 10 or 11 AM (your choice).
  • Flexible working hours if special child care is required.
  • Saturdays & Sundays are non-working days.


  • 20 vacation days at your full disposal.
  • Extra paid days for family or urgent matters (up to 7 working days).


  • Paycheck based on your level of expertise.
  • Bonuses based on your team’s performance.
  • Full paycheck during vacations, sick leave or family emergency.


  • Remote work is possible (your choice, most people on the team works remotely).
  • Zagreb office: a quiet team-based office rooms with your assigned team (2 to 4 people).
  • Free car parking and bicycle space included.
  • MultiSport card options available


  • Complete mentorship with daily progress talks (mentors have 10 years of web tech experience).
  • The team is constantly in touch with clients, receiving feedback and using it to improve production quality. Neuralab holds the highest grade of regional web development companies at Clutch and is selected as one of the Top 10 verified global eCommerce development teams.


  • Work based on Open source technologies like LAMP stack, WordPress, WooCommerce, REST APIs and JavaScript.
  • Local environment: VS Code, Harvest, Github, Gitbook, Figma for design handoff, Google Apps, Trello.
  • DevOps: Clustered Apache Debian servers or Nginx @ Google Cloud VMs, Git/BitBucket/GitHub, AWS Route 53, Kinsta or AWS CDN. Neuralab hosting is mostly based on WP VIP data centers or Google Cloud platform with integrated AWS services like Lambda crons, Route53, SES, or S3.


  • Possibility to work on internal experiments and Open source projects (PWA, WP REST API, WP plugins, 3rd party integrations etc.).
  • Partnership with two education centres: HalPet and Ciceron where you can learn new skills or languages, all of which are covered by Neuralab team.
  • Online learning: Full access to Lynda, Treehouse and Neuralab internal library. The team has access to WordPress (Automattic) experts and their knowledge libraries as we’re the only WP VIP & WooCommerce gold partner in the region.
  • Conference opportunities: Neuralab is a sponsor of most Croatian IT conferences and a regular visitor at international events like Smashing Conf in New York, WooConf or WordCamp Europe.
  • Publications: Neuralab team writes and talks on eCommerce, web development, interactive design topics and publishes them on our blog or various tech portals.



  • Custom Solidity smart contract development on EVM / Ethereum blockchain
  • Knowledge of Truffle, Hardhat and Zeppelin
  • Building DeFi frontends with HTML, CSS, JS and web3.js


  • Ability to effectively express your engineering ideas
  • Refined listening skills for giving & receiving feedback
  • Excellent Croatian and English skills (written and spoken)
  • High attention to detail


  1. Commit a piece of code you’re particularly proud of to GitHub. It needs to be your own code (smart contract experiment, DeFi frontend, helper function, gist… anything goes).
  2. Send us your CV, cover letter and a GitHub repo link to
  3. If everything looks good on paper and screen, we will invite you to get to know us and to talk with the production team. Don’t worry, we only have a couple of developers tests up our sleeve.

Deadline: This is an open job position as we’re constantly growing and expanding our capabilities. Freely apply on your earliest convenience.

Bruno Zagorščak
Bruno Zagorščak Neuralab Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

A Boletus aficionado who loves to get lost in the woods. He's still holding dearly to his OG Canon 5DmII while claiming that the play button is the apex call-to-action button on the web.

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