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Nominis podcast – episode 072: eCommerce legislature

In Nominis episode 072, attorney Dijana Kladar discussed eCommerce legislation. Key topics included aligning webshops with law, avoiding penalties, and differences in EU markets. She highlighted the importance of legal compliance and consumer awareness in the evolving digital commerce landscape.

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In the new episode of Nominis podcast which we are producing in partnership with the Association of eCommerce Croatia, we spoke to Dijana Kladar – attorney and a member of the board of eCommerce Association Croatia. She covered numerous topics under the topic umbrella, including how to align a webshop with the law, and how to avoid penalties from inspections and customer dissatisfaction. Dijana emphasized that the legislation has not changed over the past years and that the same laws apply to online sales, both in the B2C segment and in the B2B area.

The conversation also touched on new provisions of the Trade Law with a special emphasis on the famous Sunday work. Dijana believes that this is a completely political decision and has little to do with protecting workers’ rights, but such regulation violates the rights of those workers who would like to work and be paid according to regulations for Sunday work.

All regulations should be implemented in action and those traders who do not pay their workers adequately or conduct other improper practices should be punished, which would enable workers to be stimulated and motivated to work on Sundays

Dijana highlighted the importance of ESG regulation, which involves meeting environmental, social, and governance goals of each company, and in the next few years, almost all companies will be required to submit non-financial reports on their operations. These reports will be important for business partners, financial institutions, and investors, potential employees, and other stakeholders in that chain, who will have to adjust their operations, which will affect all business relationships.

You can check the video recording of Nominis 072 on the official YouTube channel of eCommerce Croatia.

Bruno Zagorščak
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