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WordCamp Zagreb 2017 lectures [VIDEO]

wordcamp lectures

WCHR2017 attendee quote: “Just pure awesomeness in my honest, humble opinion! The organization was really good, everything went smooth, from the attendee, and speaker’s point of view. The venue was awesome and the catering as well.”

We’ve written about WordCamp Zagreb 2017. A lot! Neuralab was a production partner and co-organizer, and we were proud to contribute to the WP community. Our video dpt. streamed live both tracks for all those who couldn’t make it to the glorious MSU venue.

After rigorous picking from the WP curators, those recorded videos found their way onto the platform. You can find the selected ones on WCHR2017 playlist.

There were some gems like funny but smart tips&tricks for freelancers from Tomislav Kozačinski. But our pick of the day goes to Ivan Brezak Brkan who did a great spiel about the history of Netokracija – the ‘TechCrunch of Southeast Europe’. He talked from the heart and was in special orator form so we truly enjoyed what he had to say.

Several days after the event, a questionnaire was sent to get feedback from attendees. Overall response is exceptional. People were really pleased with the conference atmosphere and gained knowledge.

Great speakers, perfect location for workshops, incredible organization, low ticket price. Museum was also a great place for this event. 5 stars for everything!

WordCamp was a great opportunity to meet people with different backgrounds and stories from the community. It was a transforming experience that helped me see my own business from a new perspective.