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#DigitalnaKarijera is back in Zagreb

After Digitalna Karijera editions in Osijek, Split, Zadar, and Varaždin, Zagreb will also host Bonbon’s event on the 7th of December @ the Faculty of Economics, starting at 17:00. This conference is meant for students who do not necessarily have a technological background but want to grab an opportunity for career development in the digital industry. A long time ago, our CCO Bruno, was in exact position, and everything worked out fine for him. That is why he is the best person to ask for advice, related to ‘’DIY’’ career development.

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Why is Digitalna Karijera important?

#DigitalnaKarijera is a unique & free half-day conference that offers students and young people to be involved in the digital economy and directly associate them with its best employers. This event series reveals that current business ecosystem is not limited to developers and designers, but is open to all social and humanistic professions a.k.a explains why digitization is the reality of all industries. We know this from 10 years of experience working in the digital environment and creatively challenging projects. – Time keeps passing and technology and trends are changing at unstoppable speed – everything is subject to change.

Digitalna karijera

The most prominent part of this conference are the speakers who are experts in different fields of digital economy. They will talk about their experience gathered through many years in digital industries, their career path, accelerated development of digital industry and the changes that have taken place in just a few years apart. Our CCO Bruno knows this firsthand. He’s been rendering since 2008. without a college degree. Today he’s a videographer, motion graphics artist, writer, and digital content buff. Next to him, there will be other talented people from a wide range of occupations like communication and marketing experts, start-up wizards, people specialized in web design, software development, mobile applications, video production, interactive content and even in the gaming industry. The speakers will answer questions on how to start and achieve successful digital career, what it takes to get a job in digital industry and whether you even need a formal education a.k.a related college degree.

bruno digitalna karijera

Probably, THE BEST thing about this conference is the part where students can ‘’Drink with the employer’’. This is a speed dating concept where students can make a good impression on their potential employers. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are troubled with jitters before the job interview.

All these features are completely free for participants. If you think you can be successful in the digital industry without a college degree, you’re probably right. Interested to know how? Great! See ya’ in the conference hall of the Faculty of economics, our own Bruno will tell you how 😉


Petra Filip
Petra Filip Copywriter and Content Maker

Skilfull content creator always on the hunt for tech trends

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