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The role of web builders, low-code, no-code and Gen AI tools in web development

Kind folks from Netokracija did an interview with me on the topic of current Gen AI craze, web builders and similar no-code tools. Here's the uncut version in English - more in a Q&A form

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Little by little, Mailchimp has upgraded marketing functionalities to its email service, which small businesses did not even dream of wanting and now can have with their newsletter partners. For SMB’s, Mailchimp could become a home run in terms of cost-effective benefits, and the agencies and clients are also looking forward to the changes that will greatly facilitate their work by automating basic administration for campaigns and reporting.

Livestreaming video has slowly but surely gone from a marketing tactic to an event production bare essentials... There is something special about a live moment – it captures the imagination and brings people together. Today you can share live video with anyone and at any time. This also means individuals have unprecedented access to content. How can brands cut through that noise? The quality of live video experience must be superb!

After Digitalna Karijera editions in Osijek, Split, Zadar, and Varaždin, Zagreb will also host Bonbon’s event on the 7th of December @ the Faculty of Economics, starting at 17:00. This conference is meant for students who do not necessarily have a technological background but want to grab an opportunity for career development in the digital industry. A long time ago, our CCO Bruno, was in exact position, and everything worked out fine for him. That is why he is the best person to ask for advice, related to ‘’DIY’’ career development.

It’s understandable that creative process is sometimes complicated. For this reason, it must not be rushed. On another hand, every creative person is different and takes a different path to get to the ideas. Some have their own routine, some have their usual patterns of thinking. When you work on your next creative project, keep in mind ‘’time & space’’ dimension of getting to ideas. And the fact that sometimes it's difficult to stop thinking about the project and letting it stew for a few days. Believe me, nothing bad will happen if you relax and rest your thought process.

Every day, most of us receive hundreds of messages and new offers from a broad spectrum of services and products, through multiple channels of communication. In most cases, we look at them with almost no attention, shut them down, before we even decode their meaning and what are they about. Most of them are oriented towards the appeal to make a purchase and spend our money. That’s why marketing is just not enough. If the messages are not enough significant and original, we will no longer recognize them as relevant to us. New technologies combined with proper channels and outside-the-box ideas can make every message more cost-effective than standard techniques.

The end of the year is near and it’s the perfect time for a review and analysis of the most viral and successful digital campaigns in 2016. The Neuralab team has extensively researched the best campaigns and their strategies and in this article, we would like to share the findings we discovered. We made a list of the 7 most awesome and viral campaigns, and if you disagree or have a better example, please, enlighten us in the comments. :)

With development of internet and new media, the need for creative people called ’copywriters’ arose like a phoenix. Their job is to create and shape the message, through the process of analyzing and planning creative ideas and content for different types of platforms and purposes. That includes web pages, social media, mobile applications and much more. In that process (1:M) there are a couple of elements which we need to consider when creating and shaping content for digital platforms and mass audience on that platform.