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Modrić, parrot and a printer defying the robot uprising
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The unlikely connection: How Modrić, parrots, and printers defy the robot uprising!

The flood of GPT-4 gurus and the Microsoft vs Google race creates the impression of a fresh revolution, but artificial intelligence has been hiding the same skeletons in the closet for decades now. We are also seeing many good ideas and solutions, but the collection of shady characters is probably more present. The only question is - who will be louder?

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Little by little, Mailchimp has upgraded marketing functionalities to its email service, which small businesses did not even dream of wanting and now can have with their newsletter partners. For SMB’s, Mailchimp could become a home run in terms of cost-effective benefits, and the agencies and clients are also looking forward to the changes that will greatly facilitate their work by automating basic administration for campaigns and reporting.

Google Data Studio dashboards are powerful tools for presenting Google Analytics data in a visually pleasant and intuitive way. In this article, we will focus on how to use them in order to generate ideas and starting points for future UX improvements. Based on our own experience with this process, we will point out a few guidelines that showed the best results.

So, you have a great business idea and have decided to start your online business. Your mind is filled with creativity and innovation and managing your accounting is the last thing you want to spend time thinking about. However, that might as well be one of the most important aspects of your business. It represents the heart of presenting your product or service to clients via quotes, and of course managing your invoices and payments in a proper way. Fortunately there are many online solutions you can choose from, and chances are you will be able to find a great fit for your business needs.