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Geminus eCommerce day – 2015 Zagreb – presentations, documents and downloads

Marcel Majsan

Gemius eCommerce day was an event held at 29th October 2015 in Zagreb. Interesting speakers and various “web shop” topics provided the audience with exhaustive sets of data on Croatian eCommerce market share, people behavior and regulations regarding online stores.

Dijana Kladar – common problems of a Croatian online shopper (HR)

File under: law, regulations, privacy, discounts, refunds, group buying

Vibor Kalogjera – eCommerce in Croatia (HR)

File under: internet usage, eCommerce penetration, buying habits, audience statistics, popular web sites, forms of payments

Jan Sulik – EU legislative and applications in Croatia, from MINGO perspective (HR)

File under: law, regulations, rules, domestic market, entrepreneurs in eCommerce

Marcel Majsan i Dino Oreški – eCommerce Hrvatska NGO presentation

File under: eCommerce, legislative, privacy, rules, laws

Marek Molicki – Effective eCommerce strategies

File under: marketing, automation, newsletters, CRM, loyalty, drip campaigns, attribution models

Emil Pawlowski – Science 4 eCommerce

File under: eCommerce business, market shares, analysis, big data, applied sciences

Milan Kovačević – eCommerce in Serbia

File under: eCommerce, market share, user penetration, big data, statistics, internet usage, audience