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IZZI Conference 2023 – short recap (+ videos) on our Accessibility talk and AI panel

izzi ai panel 2

Neuralab crew set up to visit IZZI Split conference one more time. And although these types of conferences (EduTech) are not our core endeavor, we managed to talk about two important tech topics along the way

First was our chief designer – Emanuele Lizzi that spoke about accessibility (A11Y) issues – especially around interactive educational content.

Main takeaway is that accessibility efforts are not produced only for the long-term impaired users, but also for temporary or situational impaired users which you can clearly see at roughly 1:26 time-point …

Emanuele pointed out that accessibility efforts are wining at both sides of the spectrum, you are increasing conversions with it, but you are also directly catering to your users needs.

2nd topic of interest was a panel that I moderated where the theme was ever present “will AI destroy or modify jobs”. It’s interesting that this hot agenda is taking place at the same time that Accenture is investing 3 billion dollars into their new AI department, doubling the head count of this consulting Big4 agency.

All in all, the panel was packed with experts (Martina Silov from CroAI, Robert Kopal from Algebra, Ivan Maglić from Gartner, Karlo Ressler from EU parliament, Juraj Bilić from Carnet & Renato Jerončić from HZZ) and we talked for more that 1,5 hours. Of course, as with any AI related topic, the discussion was heated and extra spiced up w. questions from the audience, but in the end – we all agreed that AI has more down to earth problems than what current “doomsayers” proclaim.

(Although, this type of thinking is present across the tech sector. Web3 folks will spend hours lamenting around “infrastructure” and Layer 1 solution instead of dealing w. useful applications, security, privacy and above all – Customer eXperience. Web designers pushing some new shiny UX instead of dealing w. A11Y or PMs constantly shoving new functions into bloating products while they should constantly reduce, optimise, refactor 🤷‍♀️)

You can see the whole panel recording on YouTube (it’s in Croatian language)…