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Pins, Tweets + Likes from the Neuralab couch – week 15

“The Recycled Orchestra” is a documentary that inspires us with the story of people who turned trash into music. “The 6 Item Challenge” shows us how little clothing we actually need to be happy. Awwwards has selected the top 30 websites with parallax scrolling.

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The Recycled Orchestra – How resourceful people turned trash into music. This is a documentary that I will definitely watch.

The 6 item Challenge – How does it work? It’s simple: choose 6 pieces of clothing (excluding underwear, accessories, and shoes) and mix and match them for one month. It gives us an impression of how little we actually need. This girl showed how she succeeded in her “6 items challenge.” Definitely a challenge, maybe I’ll try it myself someday…

30 great websites with parallax scrolling – Parallax, parallax, parallax. They are quite popular on the web. Awwwards has selected the top 30.

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