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Welcome to the world of LiLash [Project breakdown]


LiLash is the creator of the world’s most coveted eyelash serum. Their goal is to revolutionize the way beauty is approached by redefining eyelashes and eyebrows. LilashPros is an online education and catalogue portal for their registered resellers. Take a look at how we envisioned and built their platform, both for B2C and B2B (vendors) market.


Built entirely on WooCommerce platform, LiLash guarantees a fast and enjoyable shopping experience of beauty products. First of all, it has a truly global audience! LiLash takes orders from all parts of the world and the platform can acclimate with discounts and terms of delivery based on users IP and country choice (shoppers from all around the world can see custom experience based on their currency and shipping choices). With social feeds integration, users can create, share and consume social #LiLashWorks content right on the site. The server cluster was implemented to withstand Black Friday and 300% traffic increase. All of the user content is tightly connected with products, meaning that other shoppers can see reviews and photos from the users themselves.

Feel free to head out to our Lilash Behance portfolio entry, and take a look in great detail what was our work process. Become a LiLash Pro today and start spreading the word: “You are the Magic and the Magic is Real.” Top sellers earn more than $50K per year! #LilashWorks

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