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ZG WooMeetUp: Social commerce meets Collab Cart


Spring edition of Zagreb WooCommerce MeetUp was all about Social Commerce! Bruno did an intro about it and why it is important in the context of eCommerce interactions, and Lovro present the Collab Cart – WooCommerce extension, which enables users to participate in a collaborative purchase.

Social commerce is not eCommerce! It’s a distinctive part of eCommerce which helps the sale of products or services directly to customers through social networks. The beauty of social commerce is that it speeds up the buying process and offers customers a smooth shopping experience while helping brands take advantage of the mass market for social media users.

Collab Cart is a WooCommerce plugin that contributes to the group shopping experience. It can increase sales volume by encouraging users to add items into the shared cart, carrying through personalized benefits like cheaper shipping or more generous discounts.

Click on the video to find out what are the 6 pillars of social commerce and 3 typical mistakes brands make while trying to utilize it in their sales funnel. Also, dive deep into Collab Cart with a showcase tutorial and find out its benefits for both merchants and online shoppers.

Lovro Mršić is the founder of Collab Cart. A high school student with passion and ideas for reducing the complexity of everyday life. Bruno Zagorščak is a CCO and one of the founders of Neuralab and Transmeet Television. He is involved in video production, live streaming and creating interactive content.