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Mid or Senior Solidity Developer

Hello! We’re a team of designers, developers and content makers building digital applications on top of open source web technologies. This specific role is a remote engineering position with projects & experiments at the web2 / web3 intersection. Especially with Ethereum smart contracts usage in eCommerce space.

Solidity developer

Job details


Type of work

Full employment, indefinite time, full health and pension benefits

Expected working hours

35 hours weekly (7h per day)

Start of working day

Flexible from 7 AM to 12 AM

Vacation days

20 (you can freely use them right away)

Child care

You can have flexible hours with mentor if you need special child care

Paycheck during sick leave

Full (100%)

Compensation and annual bonus

Yearly bonuses based on your longevity in the team. Paycheck based on knowledge, teamwork and camaraderie


You can work remotely OR in the Zagreb office. We believe in quiet team-based offices so you will work in a cozy room alongside 2 to 4 people (your assigned team). Free car parking and bicycle space is included


Full mentorship with daily progress talks. Mentors have 10 years of web tech experience and can be your pals and saviors when issues arise. Team is constantly in touch with clients, receiving feedback and using it to improve production quality.

Technology opportunities & tools

Work based on Open source technologies like Ethereum stack, Solidity, HardHat, Remix etc.

Local dev environment

Atom, VS Code, Gulp, Scotchbox VM, Bitbucket, Github, Copilot (if you need it), Figma for design hand-off, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, JIRA, Trello


Web2 stack – Clustered Apache Debian servers or Nginx @ Google Cloud VMs, Git/BitBucket/GitHub, AWS Route 53, Kinsta or AWS CDN. Neuralab hosting is mostly based on Google Cloud platform with integrated AWS services like Lambda crons, Route53, SES, or S3. We sometimes deploy to WP VIP servers, but on rare occasions.

Web3 stack – Ethereum L1 and L2s, Alchemy, Infura, HardHat and Scaffold-ETH

Learning opportunities

Possibility to work on internal experiments and Open source projects (Ethereum Single Sign On, NFT in eCommerce landscape, NFTs in memberships, crypto payments in WooCommerce). Partnership with two education centers – HalPet and Ciceron where you can learn new skills or languages, all of which are compensated by Neuralab team.

Online learning

Full access to LinkedIn learning (Lynda), Treehouse and Neuralab internal library.

Conference opportunities

Neuralab is a sponsor of most Croatian IT conferences and a regular visitor at international events like Smashing Conf in New York, WooConf or Web3 Tales @ MSU.

Job requirements

Development experience

At least 3 years of commercial Solidity / Ethereum engineering experience


Smart Contract development and deployment knowledge. Skills and know-how on using testnets (Goerli, Sepolia, Rinkeby etc.) and similar web3 infra (Alchemy, Infura etc.)


Ability to effectively express your engineering ideas, refined listening skills for giving & receiving feedback, excellent English skills (written and spoken), high attention to detail.

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If everything looks good on paper and screen, we will invite you to get to know us and to talk with the production team. Don’t worry, we only have a couple of developers tests up our sleeve.

To apply or not to apply?

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