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Share Conference numero 2


All those who found out too late about Share Conference last spring and only realized what kind of ‘bomb’ it was through post-reactions, have come into their own today! On the first day of February, Share announced the first speakers of the second edition of the conference. A conference that has shown in its launch how it is the center of exchange of advanced ideas and knowledge in the field of technology, the internet, music, new media, and society as a whole. There are already interesting names in the first wave of the program announcement.

The organizers have a difficult task this year because they have to meet the high expectations of the public. But they only have themselves to blame! They set the bar high and now they have to stay on top year after year. We won’t complain! 😉

Given the number of things that ‘happened’ last year (Wikileaks, Arab Spring, SOPA and its sisters PIPA and ACTA, ‘anons’ hacking the FBI…), Share2 lectures and panels can’t even be boring if they wanted to!

‘Sherovci’ have literally understood sharing, so admission to the conference is completely free! Unlike in 2011 when you had to pay about 50 EUR for admission, this year only a limited number of 2000 tickets can deter you from attending over 100 lectures, exhibitions, concerts, and DJ performances.

When you’re there, you feel like a part of something and you feel like you’re growing as an individual.

People who were at the first Share swear by the incredible ‘vibe’ and atmosphere. When you ‘mix’ that with an undoubtedly interesting music program and Belgrade state of mind – what’s not to like! At the end of April, Transmeet is going to Belgrade with its cameras. We missed it last year, but we’re smarter in 2012.