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The 2nd Croatian WooCommerce meetup is just around the corner!

We are continuing our bi-monthly sessions with more practical lectures. Prepare yourself to be educated!

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The first WooCommerce session was about the tips and tricks for the WooCommerce webshop content and about the seven UX/UI rules and forms for eCommerce. We are continuing our bi-monthly sessions with more practical lectures. Marcel Majsan will share the habits of Croatian online shoppers and Claudio Kramarić will talk about creating and maintaining Croatia’s best cosmetic store – WOW Junkie.

2nd Croatian WooCommerce Agenda

18:00 Meet&Greet
18:05 Talk: What Croatian customers want? [Marcel Majsan]
18:35 Q&A session
18:45 Talk: WOW Junkie case study [Claudio Kramarić]
19:15 Q&A session
19:30 Outro

Getting the most out of the lectures

Talk 1: “What Croatian shoppers want?” by Marcel Majsan

If you’re a webshop owner or eCommerce developer, certain questions will arise – What do my customers want? How to set a strategy for webshop evolution? What do I need to pay the most attention to when developing? How to sync the webshop with our law and regulations? Marcel has all the answers! He is an eCommerce consultant with over 10 years of experience and also the president and founder of the eCommerce Croatia association, which brings together more than 1,000 web retailers in Croatia.

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Talk 2: “WOW Junkie case study” by Claudio Kramarić

WOW Junkie is an online cosmetics store that offers over 2500 hair, skin and body care products for women and men. They are the best cosmetic web store in Croatia. What makes them stand out over their competition and what were the pitfalls of creating such a webshop? Tune in and find out from WOW Junkie co-owner Claudio Kramarić who will elaborate on all the strategic nooks and crannies and why did they choose WooCommerce platform when building the shop. Claudio is also a lecturer at Algebra university for digital marketing and eCommerce and board advisor for Lošinj Hotels and Villas.

Confirm your free participation on the Meetup platform

How can you apply? Confirm your free participation on the Meetup platform and on June 15th click on the Zoom link that arrived on your email.

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