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Transmeet.Tv Viz_Talk episode 2 with Museum of Broken Relationships [INTERVIEW]

Our digital brother Transmeet.Tv continues the colaboration with Croatia’s biggest visual art and culture portal – From that marriage a child is born – Viz_Talk – a series of long form video interviews with the goal to introduce and demonstrate all the gems from the local art, creative and design scene.

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In this second episode of Viz_Talk we’ve visited the Museum of Broken Relationships and talked with one of the founders – Dražen Grubišić. In short, MBR is basically a museum of love turned upside down, it’s open 7 days in a week, it has visited (almost) all continents and is often destination number one for young tourists in Zagreb.

‘It’s all about the story!’

Camera & Editing : Bruno Zagorščak
Editor & Journalist : Ivan Dorotić
Assistant producer : Tena Škiljević
Audio : LessThanAMinute

Bruno Zagorščak
Bruno Zagorščak Neuralab Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

A Boletus aficionado who loves to get lost in the woods. He's still holding dearly to his OG Canon 5DmII while claiming that the play button is the apex call-to-action button on the web.

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