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Fifth CroCommerce Conference: Humans vs. Machines

On September 29, 2023, Zagreb hosted the fifth CroCommerce conference, where groundbreaking discussions, insightful workshops, and enlightening panels took center stage.

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A Glimpse of the Future

On September 29, 2023, I had the privilege to be at the fifth CroCommerce conference in Zagreb, a gathering that promised groundbreaking discussions, insightful workshops, and enlightening panels. This year’s theme, “Humans vs. Machines,” had been on my mind for weeks, stirring up questions about the future of eCommerce. Would machines ultimately replace humans, or could they coexist in harmony? 

Main stage

Stages and Sponsorship

The conference had an impressive lineup of over 50 speakers and drew nearly 600 attendees, concluding at 6:00 PM. At the heart of the conference were two primary knowledge hubs: the Main Stage and the Workshop Stage. What caught my attention was the transformation of the Main Stage, where shipping companies took center stage, also serving as event sponsors. This intriguing development signaled a growing interest from shipping companies in conferences like CroCommerce, hinting at exciting changes and closer collaboration between these companies and the eCommerce sector.

One captivating presentation was delivered by Ivica Prlić from Infobip, who unveiled the transformative potential of conversational AI. It promised to revolutionize customer interactions in the eCommerce realm, raising the bar for customer satisfaction and driving increased sales.

The Vibrant Expo

An amusing highlight was the presence of a virtual host, Luka Bulić, strategically placed near the entrance to the restrooms. This unexpected and whimsical touch added an element of humor and surprise to the conference, showcasing the organizers’ creative and tech-savvy approach. Furthermore, the Expo itself had undergone significant growth in size and vibrancy since the previous year, creating a more dynamic atmosphere that encouraged networking and exploration of the latest eCommerce innovations.

Istok Pavlović’s Lecture

A standout moment from the Main Stage was Istok Pavlović’s lecture, which the participants collectively rated as the best. His presentation was rich with real-life use cases like using AI for generating photos or fun voiceovers in creating eCommerce product pages, that resonated with the audience, leaving them with valuable takeaways extending beyond the confines of the conference.
Workshop Stage Overcrowding

However, the Workshop Stage, despite its valuable content, continued to struggle with a persistent challenge – overcrowding. This issue, which had occurred in the previous year as well, calls for attention in future editions to ensure the best possible experience for all attendees.

Conclusion – Collaborative Progress

The fifth CroCommerce conference delivered insightful discussions and practical insights. Attendees, including myself, left with a deeper understanding of AI’s role in shaping the industry’s future. The key takeaway from the event was the emphasis on collaboration where machines enhance our operations and enable us to deliver exceptional customer experiences in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

The intriguing involvement of shipping companies in such conferences opens the door to a future filled with exciting changes. As technology and humans continue to collaborate, a brighter future for eCommerce appears on the horizon, powered by collaboration and innovation.

Ex developer who now juggles projects and clients. Outdoor and traveling is her way to recharge and explore new horizons.

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