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Google Hangout discussion on digital business

Wondering how to improve your business and gain an advantage over the competition?

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It is said that a high-quality IT program is worth almost as much as a high-quality manager – it enhances business operations and brings profit with fewer employees. But is that really the case? In order to solve the mystery and get answers, in collaboration with Poslovni dnevnik a one-hour video chat on the topic of ‘Digital Business’ was organized.

If you happened to miss the tips & tricks shared today at 12:30 by experts from Neuralab and Algebra – Krešo, Vanja, and Marko, don’t worry!

We have it all on tape! 🙂

Nela Fegic
Nela Fegic Copywriter

Maestro with words and modern lingo, she always knows what's the best keyword to propel the campaign.

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