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Pins, Tweets & Likes from the Neuralab couch [Week v.1]

Read what we read, like what we liked… last week 🙂

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Tihana Pećirko

iQ font – When driving becomes writing – Designers Pierre & Damien / and professional race pilot Stef van Campenhoudt); a short, cool type-related video that showcases various elements (including cars, making it interesting for men as well ;)).

Nourishing Habits for Nourishing Design; Craig Mod – This is a highly insightful lecture! The topic revolves around designing the future of books, exploring the perpetual questioning of the differences between physical and digital books, presented from an optimistic perspective.

Bruno Zagoršćak

Back to the Start – “Let’s Eat Healthy. Let’s Grow Healthy.” Stop-motion animation created for a Mexican grill company, hinting at the direction modern farms should evolve towards. The soundtrack features Willie Nelson covering Coldplay.

Influencers – What does it mean to “be influential”? How do trends and creativity become contagious in music, fashion, and entertainment?

Wimpy Braille Burgers – Read what you eat! A brilliant idea and video execution to promote Wimpy’s menus in Braille, highlighting accessibility for visually impaired individuals.

Ending Overfishing – A fantastic video addressing the issue of overfishing in the world’s oceans.

Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul – Skateboarders in Aghhanistan? Beatiful video, emotional…

Krešimir Končić

UI vs UX: what’s the difference? [ANALIZA] – Finally! A comprehensive review of the relationship between UX and UI, accompanied by an excellent infographic by Dan Saffer. An absolute must-read for anyone in the world of digital application design.

Digital music outsells physical media in the UK for the first time [REPORT] – While this article may not be as in-depth as the first two, it has that sweet historical touch. In other words, in ten or twenty years, people might reference this micro post about digital music to reflect on today’s day.

Old advertisements for video games… Ah, the sweet times [FLICKR Gallery] – Marketing can be a general hassle, but it can also take us back to the past, the nostalgia of pounding on Golden Axe arcade machines, scoring goals in FIFA on the first PlayStation, or installing the first Diablo.

Prometheus [TRAILER] – Some see Prometheus as a necessary financial spin-off of Alien, but I must admit that the trailer has more than convinced me to splurge on a cinema ticket. The pinnacle of it all: [SPOILER ALERT] … the superbly fitting sirens’ music towards the end of the trailer… it gives me chills, perfectly matching the theme and visuals. Brrrrrrrrrr!

Vanja Šebek

Why TED Is a Massive, Money-Soaked Orgy of Self-Congratulatory Futurism by Alex Pareene – The other side of the TED coin… regarding speaker selection and fitting topics: “To even attend a TED conference requires not just a donation of between $7,500 and $125,000, but also a complicated admissions process in which the TED people determine whether you’re TED material…”

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan – About belonging, studying, and life… the final article from a young student’s.

Top 10 New Species 2012 – The sponge-like fungus Spongiforma squarepantsii, named after the cartoon character SpongeBob, is among the top ten newly discovered species, alongside nine others.

I Found Money Today – A social experiment in anonymous giving. Money is not everything, but finding it is pretty cool.

How Tim Cook is changing Apple by Adam Lashinsky – How does Tim Cook lead Apple, what has changed, and where is Apple headed?

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