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Your project has a story to narrate. We've crafted an award winning method to push your interactive product toward success. Our fine-tuned approach, both creative and engineering, doesn't just help you interpret ones and zeroes, but makes them come alive and shine.

  • Interactive design
  • Mobile & Web design
  • Motion design
  • Games & Application design
  • Architechture
  • Software & Databases
  • Web development
  • Mobile apps
  • Photo
  • Typed & Long reads
  • Video and live streaming
  • Illustrations & infographics

If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture.

Brian Foote and Joseph Yoder

Step 1

Layout, concepts and digital product details

After the general idea is thought through, our account and project leads meet with your team to go through all the glory details (technical, legal, commercial and design related). We generally have 2 meetings in initial phase. Integration of the application in overall digital landscape is conceptualized in this phase. Planning also, Da Vinci style.

Step 2

Design & copywriting

This is our creative step where designers, engineers and copywriters work together with you to produce visuals, copy and product's general interactive flow. This is a 2 to 6 week long process and it requires regular feedback with iterations, based on your project complexity.

Step 3


After the third step is done our developers make sure that this app is properly programmed, our servers are up and running and all the engaged users have the best app experience. This process usually takes the same amount of time as design process.

Step 4

Testing / Monitoring

This is where the real life management kicks in. From the moment the app goes live, we monitor its lifecycle through relevant tools in real time, such as: Google Analytics, Flurry, Zendesk (for interaction feedback monitoring) and StatusCake (for servers monitoring). We provide you with monthly or weekly updates and consultations based on this big data.

Step 5


When the project is finished, we gather all the knowledge, comments, feedbacks and interactions. We all learn from collected information. Based on it, we make conclusions and sail into new versions of the products.

Step 6


The final step in this cycle is also the first step in the next one. We always implement gained knowledge from previous projects into new ones.