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The bull run yell, is boring as hell

The crypto bear market reigned supreme for two long years, so the current rallying for a bullish return is a predictable human endeavor. However, reducing technology to a mere price roller-coaster fuels superficial narratives that persistently distort the web3 industry - a trend that's been ongoing for 15 years.

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What are current trends in the digital sphere? Some things remained the same as the year before, while other things and novelties emerged as an imperative in digital marketing and e-Commerce. From social media to web development and new regulations affecting almost all businesses on the Internet, here are top 5 new trends for 2018.

Every day, most of us receive hundreds of messages and new offers from a broad spectrum of services and products, through multiple channels of communication. In most cases, we look at them with almost no attention, shut them down, before we even decode their meaning and what are they about. Most of them are oriented towards the appeal to make a purchase and spend our money. That’s why marketing is just not enough. If the messages are not enough significant and original, we will no longer recognize them as relevant to us. New technologies combined with proper channels and outside-the-box ideas can make every message more cost-effective than standard techniques.