• Lens curator take off

    Published on 2015/11/09
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Welcome to lens curator! Each blog post will feature a short burst of snippets from the realm of video and photography. We have a habit to comb the web on the scent of interesting pieces of content. From which we learn new things, have a few laughs, drool over some expensive piece of glass, witness human creativity over and over again...
  • Petrol Snow Rush : a Facebook app

    Published on 2015/11/06
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Petrol wanted to have a full digital social media experience with their users. So we turned to video games! The goal of the app was to help the drivers reach their homes through the snowy blizzard.

  • Transmeet.Tv Viz_Talk episode 2 with Museum of Broken Relationships [INTERVIEW]

    Published on 2015/11/04
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Our digital brother Transmeet.Tv continues the colaboration with Croatia's biggest visual art and culture portal - Vizkultura.hr. From that marriage a child is born - Viz_Talk - a series of long form video interviews with the goal to introduce and demonstrate all the gems from the local art, creative and design scene.
  • Link Juice – How it Flows Through the Web

    Published on 2015/11/03
    by Ljupko Coric
    If you do SEO you know that links are the most important factor Google takes into consideration when ranking websites. The more links you get from authority websites, more you get pushed from Google on search result pages.
  • 2015 Weekend Media Festival recap

    Published on 2015/10/05
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    2015 Weekend Media Festival is behind us. It was a great couple of days packed with awesome lectures and workshops. And it was intense! The night before the opening we were meticulously going over the program schedule and tried to shuffle in all the lectures we wanted to see. We didn't manage to catch all of them because we had our own agenda - Backstage interviews live stream in partnership with Netokracija.
  • 5 Best Call to Action Newsletter Examples

    Published on 2015/09/30
    by Ljupko Coric
    If you’re coming from the digital marketing sphere, you will probably agree with the fact that e-mail marketing is one of the most underestimated digital marketing channels.
  • WMF 2015 Netokracija’s Backstage View from Rovinj. Powered by Neuralab. [LIVE STREAM]

    Published on 2015/09/22
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    As I get older I tend to enjoy seaside late summers ('bablje ljeto') much more than before. Less people, moderate temperatures, everything starts to hinder, the colors are getting more desaturated, but in a warm and fuzzy way. And overall you try to embrace as much of the summer vibe as you can before the long winter knocks on the door. From the very start in 2008, Weekend media festival cleverly positioned themselves on the calendar. At the end of September, it became an essential part of that 'seaside late summers' mindset for the media and marketing creatives. WMF repeatedly brings a new view on business and industry.
  • Opened job position in Zagreb – Junior developer

    Published on 2015/09/15
    by KresimirKoncic
    Neuralab team is seeking a new junior developer for our Zagreb location. You will get the chance to mature in both front-end / back-end programming seeing that our choice of coding languages is quite broad.
  • WordCamp Rijeka 2015 photogallery [WordPress Croatia event]

    Published on 2015/09/11
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Going all around to business conferences can often be a daunting task. But every once in a while you attend a gathering with a pulse of its own. You can feel its vibe... WordCamp Rijeka 2015 was indeed one of those. A fruitful WordPress community of geeky enthusiasts, talking about open source software in the midst of the splendid city of Rijeka. And in case you missed the news - it was the first Croatian WordCamp event ever!

  • Video advertising simplified – Google unites YouTube TrueView with AdWords!

    Published on 2015/09/03
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Until now, setup of your TrueView video ads was not a straightforward task! You've had to go to a detached section within Adwords to access and manage them. Basically, they were separate from the rest of your Google advertising. That means that you had to jump back and forth when you wanted to report and enhance across all your campaigns.
  • Building code for Building Body

    Published on 2015/09/01
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Most visited regional health/lifestyle community - building-body.com just got a makeover! With new responsive design and intuitive page structure, BB is ready to motivate it's community of sports enthusiasts on a daily basis.
  • Index Your Content Super Fast Using Fetch as Google Option

    Published on 2015/08/24
    by Ljupko Coric
    What's the most popular phrase bloggers, marketers and SEO experts love to repeat? It’s the one we heard thousand times, over and over again.
  • WordCamp Croatia 2015 – meet Neuralab in WordPress developers corner booth

    Published on 2015/08/24
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Beautiful city of Rijeka will host first ever WordCamp Croatia. Central gathering for region's WordPress enthusiasts and professionals will be held from 4th to 6th September 2015.
  • When Don Draper talks, we listen: 5 pitfalls of digital marketing

    Published on 2015/08/19
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    While I do believe you have to experience something for yourself to comprehend every aspect of it, it doesn't hurt to take advice from others and be prepared. There are many pitfalls in digital marketing that you can fall into. Learn how to minimize your mistakes, and try to avoid cardinal ones all together.
  • Educational iPad app for toddlers TutoTod is now available on AppStore!

    Published on 2015/08/17
    by KresimirKoncic
    Our friends at TutoTod have launched a version 1.0 of their application on Apple Appstore! We 've been working for months with them on this launch and can't wait to see how parents will use it with their toddlers.
  • How to Find, Identify and Remove Bad Backlinks From Your Website

    Published on 2015/08/17
    by Ljupko Coric
    Bad links are backlinks that point to your site from low quality, untrustworthy, irrelevant, spammy looking websites. Why should you remove them? Well, do you actually want some porn or gambling site link to you personal blog or company website?
  • Is Instagram the new go-to platform for advertisers?

    Published on 2015/08/11
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Every digital marketer's wet dream just came true - Instagram has officially switched on its advertising API (application programming interface).
  • Will Android Auto lead to greater market fragmentation?

    Published on 2015/08/08
    by KresimirKoncic
    Article looks into Android market fragmentation, especially having Android Auto ecosystem in mind
  • Neuralab talks for National Croatian Television

    Published on 2015/08/06
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Our CEO Krešimir Končić was a guest speaker on National Croatian Television (HRT).
  • Chat Alley – Messaging App That Works Without Internet Connection

    Published on 2015/07/24
    by Ljupko Coric
    After introducing 2 Note from a few years back, Genesis Mobile hits App Store with another app out of their workshop.