• WooCommerce & Salesforce Integration plug-in for WordPress

    Published on 2016/08/20
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    WooCommerce and SalesForce are bound to be together. Both players made a significant market dent, each in their own cosmos - WooCommerce at 37% market share, and Salesforce, around 20% market share in the summer of 2016...

    Published on 2016/08/18
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    August edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about lighting a table scene, World’s First Widest Lens with f/2.8 Aperture, dissolve transitions, shorts as commericals, and creative slider tricks.
  • ‘Pepper’ Introduces Broken Link Checker In The WP Editor

    Published on 2016/08/17
    by Ljupko Coric
    Nothing too fancy in 4.6,  but overall it’s always nice to see WP is making ever so slight changes for their user base.
  • WordPress just got updated to version 4.6

    Published on 2016/08/17
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    New 4.6 version of WordPress called 'Pepper', in honor of jazz sax player Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, is available for download in your WP dashboard! It doesn't have any monumental new features, but rather a set of incremental changes.
  • ‘Stories’ are not about Instagram or Snapchat – they are about Facebook!

    Published on 2016/08/10
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Instagram stories is like Snapchat for adult users who don't want to spread themselves too thin in the social media space. Now those users have one more toy to play with and one more reason not to leave Instagram.
  • Opened position: interactive designer!

    Published on 2016/08/09
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Neuralab is looking for a new interactive designer! Our new team member should have an eye for aesthetics and a great interest in everything digital. Your role will be to ensure the design vision goes beyond the course of a project. You will be collaborating very closely with clients and developers. From prototyping to releasing supreme interaction designs.
  • WordPress development trends 2/3 – a RESTful view from WordCamp NYC (#WCNYC)

    Published on 2016/08/08
    by KresimirKoncic
    The sheer volume of WordPress REST API articles, lectures and even specialized conferences (!) could easily blow you away, looking like a cutthroat new technology, standing side-by-side to web applications that can run only on newest version of Chrome...
  • WordCamp Split 2016: Go-to Place For All WordPress Enthusiasts

    Published on 2016/08/04
    by Ljupko Coric
    Croatia’s second largest and one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world, is going to host this year's WordCamp 2016.

    Published on 2016/07/29
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    New edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about hiding lav mics, new hardware for editors, how to properly calibrate your monitor, many ways to use gaff tape and about the new Samsung memory cards technology.
  • WordPress development trends (1/3) – an overview after WordCamp Europe Vienna 2016

    Published on 2016/07/07
    by KresimirKoncic
    When you look at the map, Vienna seems like a logical choice for WordCamp Europe 2016. It firmly sits at the European center of gravity, symbolically connecting east with west and fusing romanesque / baroque architecture with (modern) smart city design. As we will see later, these “old VS new” concepts were inevitable talking points during this year’s happening.
  • [VIDEO] 4 Hottest topics on New Europe Market NEM 2016

    Published on 2016/07/05
    by KresimirKoncic
    Batman VS Superman, Deadpool, Captain America, Warcraft, Star Trek… You would guess that these summer blockbusters were the hottest topic at this year’s New Europe media market... and you would be wrong :)
  • WordPress executive summary 2016

    Published on 2016/06/21
    by KresimirKoncic
    This WordPress summary is intended for executives and editors working in marketing, sales or editorial departments. It’s especially geared towards decision makers evaluating various Content Management Systems (CMS), looking into a new web platform to support their business needs.
  • Sensei vs. LearnDash : An overview of two major WP LMS players

    Published on 2016/06/08
    by Alen Meštrov
    Not so long ago Learning Management Systems (LMS) used to be utilized only by large companies. The reason was their complexity and cost of creating such a system. On average it took a couple of months and several people with technical skills to implement such a system. And even after, it usually required at least one person to keep the system up and running. So basically, owning an LMS wasn’t affordable for medium and small sized companies. Than in 2003. WordPress emerged. At first it was a go-to tool for bloggers. Those bloggers also wanted to create and sell e-courses to their readers. Soon they realized that WordPress has great potential to be a base for core functionalities of LMS.
  • Lens Curator s01e05

    Published on 2016/06/08
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    New edition of Lens Curator brings you 5 new excerpts from the world of photography and videography. Read about cutting commercials, sensor sizes, Canon 5d mark IV rumors, how to make most of Facebook's video potential and BMD Resolve 12.5.
  • 7 reasons why you should use video in e-commerce

    Published on 2016/06/07
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Video is dominating the internet! By 2017. 69% of all internet traffic will be video consumption. Use of video in e-Commerce is no different. Whether you're just starting and trying to get exposure, a small business seeking to grow your brand, or a big company trying to increase sales, online video marketing is a beneficial game plan. It can help you improve search ranking, engage your customers and boost your conversion rates.
  • Zagreb OMGcommerce 2106 edition

    Published on 2016/06/04
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    4th edition of Netokracija's OMGcommerce conference is behind us. This year Neuralab was co-organizer with live stream production and e-commerce cafe booth. This major event about digital economics took place throughout three days on Zagrebački Velesajam and HUB385. We witnessed lots of education talks, lectures and networking possibilities.
  • Quick hint: Connect your eCommerce store with MailChimp newsletters

    Published on 2016/06/03
    by KresimirKoncic
    It was just a matter of time. 2016. seems like a year of rebirth for email marketing and guess what, MailChimp is not looosing it’s ground. New features await eager marketers especially if you have large product catalog and can […]
  • Wow Junkie: Lifestyle e-store

    Published on 2016/05/17
    by Bruno Zagorščak
    Wow Junkie is a unique eCommerce experience, offering exclusive products and brands to its users in the most adaptive and useful way. This site is not only a shop. It’s a gathering of enthusiasts that leverage latest beauty trends to give their users usefull buying advice and tips’n’tricks on choosing the right product selection.
  • OMGCommerce 2016 – resolve your store-owner challenges – join us at eCommerce café

    Published on 2016/05/14
    by KresimirKoncic
    “I was thinking to make the ‘cookie shop’ with just 2 products and for every one have 2 different designs (one good / one bad) … then we can analyze the most clicked product and the most working design!”
  • E-commerce Drone Delivery: Science Fiction Or Soon To Be Reality?

    Published on 2016/05/09
    by Ljupko Coric
    In the last few years drones have become increasingly popular “toys” for big boys. This didn’t went unnoticed by most known e-commerce players who ambitiously started investing money and resources into developing their own drone delivery system.