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We’re officially certified in Mailchimp!


Even though we’ve been a Mailchimp partner for some years now it’s never too late to brush up on gained knowledge, pass new certificates, and proudly display a new Mailchimp badge. Our content team tackled with Foundations Certification as a part of Mailchimp Academy, which deepened our expertise in Mailchimp’s features and functionalities while also giving us new strategies and best ways to use them.

The structure of Foundations matches an integrated strategy — it’s organized into journeys called Collect, Organize, Personalize, Market, and Optimize. Most courses took between 15 and 20 minutes to complete, but more advanced courses took a little longer, and the final exam had a plethora of use-case questions, which required research and took some time to pass. You’ll need to get at least 90% correct answers to move on. UI of the courses themselves is excellent, intuitive and a joy to go through. Very much in the spirit of this rather unusual company from Atlanta.


As a Mailchimp partner, we’ve had the privilege to visit their HQ in 2019. and see in person their premises and wonderful people from the organization. Simply put, Mailchimp partners are experts in email marketing and ambassadors of the company. That’s why we’ll continue to embark upon new certifications! Next up – Email Marketing Certification which will expand our knowledge of Mailchimp and strengthen client relationships. When Mailchimp customers work with partners, they grow their audiences up to 20% faster. As crowded as modern inboxes are, more than 55% of marketers still observe the best ROI from email campaigns, and almost half of all people like receiving promotional emails at least weekly. Get in touch with us and start to engage your audience with email marketing.