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The role of web builders, low-code, no-code and Gen AI tools in web development

Kind folks from Netokracija did an interview with me on the topic of current Gen AI craze, web builders and similar no-code tools. Here's the uncut version in English - more in a Q&A form

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Even though we've been a Mailchimp partner for some years now it's never too late to brush up on gained knowledge, pass new certificates, and proudly display a new Mailchimp badge. Our content team tackled with Foundations Certification as a part of Mailchimp Academy, which deepened our expertise in Mailchimp’s features and functionalities while also giving us new strategies and best ways to use them.

2017. was an interesting year in the online sphere. Social media, e-mail campaigns, influencer marketing and video content have become an imperative for brand presence and user reach on digital platforms. Some of them were praiseworthy, some were a total failure. We investigated examples of such digital fails and made a list of big NO-NO's in this post.

Staging is like a twin brother to production - they should look and behave the same, with an exception or two. Let’s resolve the obvious scene. Staging technology stack should be as close as possible to your production environment. This specifically includes having the same Linux, PHP, MySQL version, all of the PHP libraries and network settings. In that manner, your newly deployed production commit will behave like you tested it in staging.

Good news for e-commerce store owners comes from MailChimp's collaboration with Google. Following customer behavioral analytics 97% of people who visit an online store for the first time leave without buying anything. This process looks something like this: customers come to your webshop, browse products or the page, and then suddenly, for some reason, they leave. Google and MailChimp have decided to turn the tables on this problem and help e-commerce store owners to turn it to their advantage with new retargeting ads option.

Nova, neki bi rekli pionirska, usluga od strane Amazona mogla bi redefinirati platforme za slanje masovnih email kampanja, newslettera ili pretplata.<br /> Sigurno se pitate kako Vam ovaj sustav može koristiti...Generalno, Vaši email serveri imaju ograničenje slanja 250 emailova po satu rada, tako da ako recimo želite poslati newsletter prema svojim korisnicima te ih imate recimo 10.000, trebalo bi Vam 40 sati rada ili programiranje automatske skripte ili neka od Vanjskih usluga sa fiksnom pretplatom (a minimalna je 10 dolara mjesečno)