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The role of web builders, low-code, no-code and Gen AI tools in web development

Kind folks from Netokracija did an interview with me on the topic of current Gen AI craze, web builders and similar no-code tools. Here's the uncut version in English - more in a Q&A form

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We've been hearing about blockchain for years, but rarely got a logical answer to a simple question; Why do we really need cryptocurrencies? However, in times when centralized banks are playing with our confidence, the answer has never been clearer.

Designers and developers perform very different tasks when it comes to creating a product. What might seem completely normal and logical from the designer’s point of view might not necessarily mean the same from the developer’s side. This article will outline the key steps that make the handoff process from design to development smoother. It will also cover some common setbacks and their causes.

Couple that codes together stays together. We found a senior and junior developer duo, working remotely from Zagreb and let them debug some field questions for us. They both work from German IT companies, Klaudija being the junior frontend developer, and her fiancé Antonio senior iOS developer. Check out their daily behind-the-scenes routine, dev struggles on job interviews and find out when to use cutting edge modern tools or stick with your good old workflow.

Service IT, including digital agencies, is a flywheel that has been filling the state budgets and cousy dev chairs for more than two decades. On the other hand, officials as well as the media are parrot-chanting about product companies and how they will finally push us towards a pixelated eldorado.

DIGITAL 2019. The second edition of conference for next-gen interface designers and developers. And probably one of our favourite technical events. The reason for that is in the title itself - it's for both designers and developers. Like its last year's maiden voyage, the 2019 edition was divided to full-day workshops during Friday and the conference itself on Saturday.

In 2017. I was sceptical about the quality of the conference. Boy, was I wrong! This year I was worried about the health of attendees. Reason? Venue capacity. All lectures and presentations were jam-packed with people, and many of them had to sit on the floor or stand for hours. In my opinion, the conference reached its full scope in the current venue. Over a thousand attendees. It's time for something bigger!