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Modrić, parrot and a printer defying the robot uprising
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The unlikely connection: How Modrić, parrots, and printers defy the robot uprising!

The flood of GPT-4 gurus and the Microsoft vs Google race creates the impression of a fresh revolution, but artificial intelligence has been hiding the same skeletons in the closet for decades now. We are also seeing many good ideas and solutions, but the collection of shady characters is probably more present. The only question is - who will be louder?

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The second edition of the Game changer conference demonstrated that in just one year, an organizer can turn a 'just another tech conference' into a standout event. Over 100 speakers highlighted the vast potential of merging the gaming industry with WEB3, covering areas like eCommerce, cybersecurity, marketing, and of course, inevitable, artificial intelligence.

Games are an essential part of human history and its cultural development. The importance of games in different areas of life and business had been recognized just over 15 years ago when the term gamification was used for the first time. Gamification is a ‘’phenomenon’’ that is nowadays visible almost everywhere - from education, marketing, fitness, business to the routines in everyday life. What exactly is it and what does it include?

We are honored to be, yet again, live stream partner with Ladies of New Business! The 4th edition of this event takes place on December 5th and is dedicated to the role of women in the gaming industry. Seeing that attendance is limited, and tickets are disappearing fast, our live stream feed is your best bet to partake. Let the games begin!

We are proud to have been part of a very interesting press conference! Vipnet and ESL announced the start of Vip Adria League. With no doubt, it's the biggest gaming project this year in the region. Teams will compete over the next few months in such games as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and FIFA 17. The grand finale will be held on this year Reboot Infogamer in November. The prize fund will be set at 20.000€.