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Notes from the Game changer “Web3 in Gaming & eCommerce” panel

Couple of short notes and bullets from the GAME CHANGER “Web3 Gaming eCommerce” panel. I know it’s a mouthful & buzzwordy, but there’s no video recording so stick with me through this short text 🙂

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  • Darijan stated that gamers hate(d) Web3 ’cause of the monetization aspect that crypto brings to the gameplay. This is mostly spot on. I’ll add here (forgot to spoke about this) that gamers were initially pissed at Web3 because Ethereum miners were mostly responsible for GPU price explosions (2017-2022). This is now in the past. Post-merge, PoS ‘n all.
  • “Is web3 right for me” is the wrong question that developers or merchants should ask. The right questions are: what type of interactions I want to offer, what type of overall experience does my game / eCommerce offer and most of all – what’s in it for the user 🤷
  • Kristijan made a great point that Web3 natively supports bottom-up community efforts that could be seamlessly tied to your game / eCommerce mechanics. Watch out for the scams though!
  • Now for the more high-level stuff. Web3 is not a tech that will displace banks, social media or classic gaming / eCommerce ways. It is a tech that will expand the whole digital pie with new banks, new protocols, new UX, new UIs. In short, web3 is a set of modern building blocks than enables new types of digital interactivities.
  • We also talked about the Lindy effect and how “Web3 is here to stay”, but it’s up to the engineers, merchants and game studios to utilize it (or not) based on the needed game mechanics or eCommerce UX.
  • p.s. Dino promised to host us in his new podcast so I’ll probably post a continuation on all of this 😉

And Zucker Kommt Zuletzt – Matija & Iva – thanks for the invite and a wonderful event 🎉

Krešimir Končić
Krešimir Končić Owner at Neuralab

Ex QBASIC developer that ventured into a web world in 2007. Leading a team of like-minded Open Source aficionados that love design, code and a pinch of BBQ. Currently writing a book that explains why ‘coding is the easier part’ of our field.

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