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The bull run yell, is boring as hell

The crypto bear market reigned supreme for two long years, so the current rallying for a bullish return is a predictable human endeavor. However, reducing technology to a mere price roller-coaster fuels superficial narratives that persistently distort the web3 industry - a trend that's been ongoing for 15 years.

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What a moment to be alive! Bitcoin has passed one more psycho-barrier of 10,000 USD, banks are now using blockchain to build new financial products and miners are becoming hardware developers. A sign of changing times.

Bitcoin made a grand entrance into 2017. with market value highly over 1,000$ per BTC. Last time it’s value was so high, was late 2013.- when the People’s Bank of China approved BTC as a new way of payment. A lot has changed in 3 years. Bitcoin gained wider use on the global scene and all the major companies like Microsoft, WordPress or Steam have integrated BTC as a method of payment. Inevitably, most visible changes have occurred in the sector of e-commerce where the business owners had to adapt to the newly established trend.