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The role of web builders, low-code, no-code and Gen AI tools in web development

Kind folks from Netokracija did an interview with me on the topic of current Gen AI craze, web builders and similar no-code tools. Here's the uncut version in English - more in a Q&A form

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Domagoj Ostović, a passionate entrepreneur who was born in Bjelovar, lives in Vozilići, and creates in Labin. He is the director and founder of Lloyds digital agency and the organizer of the Digital Labin conference. He is also the vice-president of the Istrian branch of the Association for the IT sector at HGK.

Designers and developers perform very different tasks when it comes to creating a product. What might seem completely normal and logical from the designer’s point of view might not necessarily mean the same from the developer’s side. This article will outline the key steps that make the handoff process from design to development smoother. It will also cover some common setbacks and their causes.

Couple that codes together stays together. We found a senior and junior developer duo, working remotely from Zagreb and let them debug some field questions for us. They both work from German IT companies, Klaudija being the junior frontend developer, and her fiancé Antonio senior iOS developer. Check out their daily behind-the-scenes routine, dev struggles on job interviews and find out when to use cutting edge modern tools or stick with your good old workflow.

You stroll into your apartment, exhausted from work, whip out your tablet, and, with a bond stronger than superglue, you and the couch become one. You meander through social media feeds, flip through the latest headlines on Flipboard, and your better half video chats with you about plans for a sizzling barbecue. All the while, red notifications dart across your screen like shooting stars. You revel in the lightning-fast loading times, and the apps feel as if they're magically fused to your fingertips. The year is 2020, and what you're experiencing is all happening within your tablet's browser - welcome to the world of Progressive Web Applications!

In their quarter of a century existence, HSM has discovered that being different is the key to success. Since 1990 they are specialized in the distribution of software and hardware solutions and their integration in the companies’ business environment. In 2016 HSM decided to go down eCommerce lane.Building a webshop for them was quite a challenge. We had to cleverly sort and present 4000+ products via 100+ search filters.

Offering shoppers a great online experience is paramount. A bad digital environment will harm your conversions, and may damage your brand. It’s important to understand and fulfil user expectations, but also be always thinking about how you can take things further and actually exceed expectations. Here are some of the key things that your digital customers will be expecting to see from you – see whether your brand can excel at all of these in 2017.

Do you feel your website needs a redesign? Does it look old and fails to bring you traffic? Today, when everyone looks for information on the internet, it’s crucial to have a website up-to-date with latest web design practices. In this article we are going to go through 5 signs that could tell you if it’s time to start thinking about redesign.

With development of internet and new media, the need for creative people called ’copywriters’ arose like a phoenix. Their job is to create and shape the message, through the process of analyzing and planning creative ideas and content for different types of platforms and purposes. That includes web pages, social media, mobile applications and much more. In that process (1:M) there are a couple of elements which we need to consider when creating and shaping content for digital platforms and mass audience on that platform.

Although GIF was created as a medium back in 1987, we just can’t shake the impression that it came to life in the past 5 years. During that period it became the primary medium of visual communication in the digital world. Even social media giants like Twitter and Facebook integrated this format in their feeds where it's already side by side with emojis and stickers. In this first article of GIF trilogy we bring you the background and history use.