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We redesigned our web – and it’s packed with content goodies

Our new web has been in the works for some time; so we decided to push it live while building some features out in the public

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Some statistics for starters – we published the first version of our website sometimes around 1st of April in 2007. The web received total of 5 makeovers in the coming years, but what’s more interesting is that we also changed couple of content management systems in the meantime – from Flash 🙂 > DotNetNuke > Joomla > to of course, WordPress.

The current version (5) is the most comprehensive redesign project that we’ve built as it includes more than 500 blog posts; 100+ essays; 65+ podcasts and more than dozen custom designed project showcases. Now, we’re not Smashing Magazine, but you should most definitely find useful design, development, eCommerce or overall web business guidelines inside…

But I’m writing all of this to highlight five cool features that we’ve built over the years:

  1. You can now listen to all of our content, courtesy of AWS Polly Artificial Intelligence engine that our developers built internally. The posts are sent automatically for processing whenever we publish something and we can play audio in dozen different (elegantly robotic) voices. Click the upper play button for a quick demo
  2. All of our #Nominis episodes can now be found under the podcast category here > Podcasts. This content is published in two parts: English text summary + original audio in Croatian. p.s. We’re currently searching for various AI auto-subtitle machines that could take Croatian audio and translate it to English text, but the jury is still out on this 🤷
  3. We’ve translated all of our Netokracija and Croatian print media essays into English, further expanding all of our knowledge bases; carefully gathered and curated across design and engineering spectrum
  4. Neuralab team traditionally published project case studies on Clutch & Behance. We’re making a U-turn here and starting to write extensive project cases on Neuralab site; cases that could be interesting across various industry verticals
  5. And last, but not least – we’ve published all of our community efforts and open source packages under one roof. This section includes plugins, code templates, guides and even legal contracts that are all open sourced under MIT license

Of course, there’s also that “find your perfect job” and “what we really do” sections – so feel free to check out those if you’re in a rush to send as a CV or project RFP. The forms are really short!

Krešimir Končić
Krešimir Končić Owner at Neuralab

Ex QBASIC developer that ventured into a web world in 2007. Leading a team of like-minded Open Source aficionados that love design, code and a pinch of BBQ. Currently writing a book that explains why ‘coding is the easier part’ of our field.

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