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Modrić, parrot and a printer defying the robot uprising
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The unlikely connection: How Modrić, parrots, and printers defy the robot uprising!

The flood of GPT-4 gurus and the Microsoft vs Google race creates the impression of a fresh revolution, but artificial intelligence has been hiding the same skeletons in the closet for decades now. We are also seeing many good ideas and solutions, but the collection of shady characters is probably more present. The only question is - who will be louder?

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I can freely say that I'm a Seinfeld fanatic! You know, downloading scripts to catch a punchline, watching bloopers from all 9 seasons, rewatching episodes on TV countless times, getting upset if I miss any of those reruns, using Seinfeld phrases in everyday life...

All those who found out too late about Share Conference last spring and only realized what kind of 'bomb' it was through post-reactions, have come into their own today! On the first day of February, Share announced the first speakers of the second edition of the conference. A conference that has shown in its launch how it is the center of exchange of advanced ideas and knowledge in the field of technology, the internet, music, new media, and society as a whole. There are already interesting names in the first wave of the program announcement.