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The role of web builders, low-code, no-code and Gen AI tools in web development

Kind folks from Netokracija did an interview with me on the topic of current Gen AI craze, web builders and similar no-code tools. Here's the uncut version in English - more in a Q&A form

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If an outstanding partnership is characterized by the presence of highly motivated professionals, productive collaborative sessions, delicious food and breathtaking views, then Infobip is definitely a perfect match. Neuralab team had the pleasure of attending this extremely informative event, and we're thrilled to share our experience with you.

The Gamechanger conference- the first gaming, web3 & metaverse conference in Croatia, took place in Zagreb on December 1st, 2022. It took a big bite of the topic cake seeing it delivered presentations and panels revolving around gaming, development, web 3, eCommerce, animation, digital design, AI and big data, cyber security...

What can a Product Manager gain at a WordPress conference? If you've never attended one, you're probably asking yourself the same question as I did when I got my first ever WordCamp Europe ticket. As it turns out - a lot! So stick around, learn how can open-source's 'double C' energy: Community & Contribution benefit you, and find out the answer to my question.